YouTube ads – Getting started

The key to getting started with YouTube advertising is creating great video content. Once you have your video collateral you need to stage that content on a credible and well thought out YouTube brand channel. Basic brand channels are free to set up but they do require a bit of customization and graphics initially.

After getting your brand channel set up and customised there are a couple of options to get started. One of my favorite YouTube advertising models is promoted videos.

YouTube Ads – Getting Started

Promoted videos appear on the top and the side of the search results on YouTube much like they would for a standard Google search. In the example above I queried “Running Shoes” and YouTube returned 4 promoted videos along with the videos that are ranking organically.

The auction system works much like standard PPC advertising except that instead of paying a cost per click, the advertiser now has to set a maximum cost per view value. One of the benefits of running a YouTube promoted video campaign is that the market is not as saturated as traditional Google search. As a result CPV (cost per view) values tend to be a lot lower than paying for a click off a search on the homepage.

Set up is very easy; all you need is a Google AdWords account to get started. You set up a new Video campaign and link it to a YouTube Video you want to promote.

YouTube Ads – AdWords

Once you have selected your video and set your bidding and budget options, you can select the search queries you want to appear for, much like you would do for a PPC campaign. Your ad will start running and you can see very granular data on your video promotions.

Segmentation options that are available for this advertising model include demographic, topic and keyword. Depending on the KPI’s that you identify for your campaign you can set your targeting options and run your campaign to drive traffic to your video or brand channel.

YouTube Ads – Segmentation

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