Will your business be open or closed on Canada Day?

Or, more to the point, will your customers know whether you will be open or closed?

With Canada Day approaching, many local businesses will be giving their employees and maybe even themselves the day off to spend time with family and friends.

For some people, Canada Day is a great opportunity to get out of the house or office and get some shopping done. But if your business is closed on July 1st, how can you update your store hours online across multiple locations to reflect that fact you will be closed on just that one day? Most businesses don’t bother – which can be extremely frustrating for the customer who comes to your store.

Why does local marketing matter so much?

We can let the stats answer that question for us:

  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.
  • 56% of consumers use search engines to locate nearby retailers.
  • 71% of first-time business visitors research and confirm the location online before leaving.
  • 31% of consumers blame the brand if data is missing on third party sites.

Lack of control and management of local digital location information can lead to:

  • Missed opportunities to drive search traffic to physical locations.
  • Poor placement in search engine results.
  • Loss of potential revenue
  • Missed opportunities to build brand awareness.

Online business information inconsistency can be a nightmare for businesses, and this becomes even more important when it comes to key information’s such as the location name, the exact address and the phone number. Did you know, on average, online business listings with complete business information are viewed 416% more compared to businesses that have only ¼ of the information completed?

So you get it – local marketing, and accuracy of online local information is important – really important.

Now think of the apps you have on your phone. The best apps use location services to help you go places. Your brand needs to be connected to all these apps and services in order for mobile consumers to easily find and visit your locations.

But what does updating your business listings on partner sites look like?

First, you need to make sure that the information that you submit to each of these sites, such as Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yahoo is exactly the same for each site. Then, when you need to make a change, such as changing your opening hours on July 1st to ‘Closed’, you need to go into each and every one of the sites to do it manually. Let’s say your business is listed on 50 directories and sites, and it takes an average of three minutes per site to update your information. That’s 2 and a half hours every time you want to make a simple update to your online listing information. No wonder most businesses don’t bother.

With an automated process, however, you can achieve this in mere minutes – update your information once, and every single one of your business locations is updated on over 100+ partner sites. Not only that, you can control and manage your listings, making sure your listings are present with the correct information, ensuring the highest probability of being found online. So, for Canada Day, you can update your hours one day to ensure they are accurately reflected online, and change them back after Canada Day, with only a few minutes investment each time. Your operating hours will be accurately reflected everywhere someone is searching for you.

  • Moving location soon? No problem! No longer can an inaccurate address deter visitors from finding you. You will drive more local foot traffic and online engagement, reaching new audiences via a broad number of search categories and transform mobile searchers into local buyers.
  • Store closing for repairs? No problem! Update once, and publish everywhere!
  • Got a special you want everyone to know about, or an important announcement such as a change in hours? Simply enter the information into your account and watch updates occur across the network at blazing fast speeds.

And the best part about an automated process? You need no IT or digital expertise, and it’s so quick and easy that you can concentrate on running your business instead of wasting countless hours manually updating every online listing – and probably forgetting to do a few along the way.

An automated listings management tool should allow you to change any of the following information anytime to update everywhere it is listed online:

  • Basic name, address, and phone (NAP)
  • Business categories
  • Business hours, holiday hours, photos and videos, products and services, staff bios, menus, and calendars
  • Address, phone number and content support in any language or address format
  • In-store coupons and other mobile wallet content
  • Folders, location labels, and advanced search and filtering
  • Bulk editing and location templates that make it easy to add new locations.
  • Basic roles and permissions to ensure employees maintain the appropriate levels of access

With an advanced listings management tool, you should also be able to suppress duplicate listings on search apps and sites, to ensure perfect location information for every searcher. This feature can save marketers and business owners countless hours trying to contact publishers, who are the only ones who have the power to suppress duplicates outside of listings management tools.

Contact Mediative to learn how to control your online presence and increase the power of location to drive new clients to your physical locations!

Rebecca Maynes
Rebecca Maynes is Mediative’s Manager, Content Marketing and Research. Her expertise lies in the creation of engaging thought leadership for Mediative. From compiling eBooks and case studies, to conducting research, analyzing data and writing white papers and reports, Rebecca is an integral part of Mediative’s Marketing and Research team. Rebecca began her career with Yell.com in England, and, after emigrating to Canada in 2005, she has gone full circle, joining Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group Company, in 2009. Prior positions include Marketing for a B2B Software company. Rebecca graduated from Cardiff University in Wales, UK, with a First Class Honours BSc in Business Administration.