Where do you look precisely when you shop in a store? Neuro-marketing and eye-tracking at Dx3

For two days over March 2nd and 3rd, 2016, Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre became home to Dx3 – Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing, and retail event.

Speakers from eBay, comScore, IBM and Twitter, to name a few, gave insightful presentations that touched on a whole host of topics such as Cognitive Analytics, The Consumer and the Internet of Things, The Cross Platform Consumer and so much more.

With several “interactive zones” on the show floor, attendees were able to get really hands on with many of the vendors at the show, Mediative included. We were part of the Brain Lab where we collaborated with Tobii Pro to conduct an interactive neuro-marketing experiment. Tobii Pro provided the hardware and software, and Mediative provided the research expertise. We had over 100 participants take part in the experiment in which they wore ultra lightweight eye-tracking glasses, allowing us to see exactly what they are looking at during a retail experience. Specifically, we were looking to see how much people make use of the internet while shopping in-store. We want to help retailers maximize the chances of a sale once someone is through the doors, by integrating the offline and online experience.

Check out this video of Mediative’s Chris Pinkerton as he donned the eye-tracking glasses used for the experiment and took a walk around the Dx3 show floor. The red circle is what he’s looking at, and as you can see, it’s quite precise!

Also on hand for Dx3 visitors to our booth was a copy of Mediative’s latest research which was conducted on Tobii’s mobile eye-tracker. This looked at how people use their mobile devices to search online, using Google, and how this differs to the way people conduct searches on a desktop.

The paper provides 7 key takeaways for any advertisers or business to consider in order to capture more clicks to their businesses listing on Google.

This can be downloaded for free from our website.

Research at Mediative

Usability and research is all about Being Found, and Being Good, answering the question many businesses have of “How do I connect my content to the intent of people looking for my business and ultimately drive them to a conversion?” In other words, how do I excel at digital marketing?

Mediative has innovation and research spaces located in Montreal and Toronto, where we look at users online behaviour. Insight from user testing can provide a wealth of information and enable businesses and marketers to devise a strategy for adapting the online experience for its specific audience.