What’s in a brand connection?

Today’s most trustworthy brands have created relationships with consumers through experiences that trigger an emotional response. Strong brands like Apple, Nike, Pepsi and Harvard have managed to earn the trust of their customers.

That same level of trust is being emulated by some already-established companies. We see it on a daily basis! Everyone wants to be like Apple. And when it comes to content, everyone wants the brand engagement of Reader’s Digest.

The trust that readers have with the Reader’s Digest brand is unmatched in Canada. By discovering and expertly selecting the most interesting ideas, stories, experiences and products in health, home, family, food, money and humour, Reader’s Digest has simplified and enriched consumers’ lives. There’s no wonder that nearly 1 in 5 Canadian adults read Reader’s Digest monthly*!

The brand extends to an overall audience reach of almost 13,000,000** across multiple platforms including online, mobile, social and print. And online visitors spend an impressive average of 12 minutes per visit and view an average of 32 pages per visit*** on ReadersDigest.ca. Those are remarkable numbers that make the website a highly engaged platform for advertisers.

Reader’s Digest is also the most read and most trusted magazine in Canada, and the world’s largest magazine brand. Simply put, over 100 million people worldwide read Reader’s Digest every month.

We know that in today’s marketing world, content is king. And with the life enriching content, stories and ideas that Reader’s Digest offers, we certainly understand why their audience’s engagement levels are higher than any other publisher in their category.

In health, Reader’s Digest brings their readers must-read news and practical advice to help them improve their day-to-day lives. If you’re a traveler, you want the insider advice on destinations, celebrity-endorsed products and accessories and inspiring first-person narrative that the travel content provides. And if you’re a foodie, Reader’s Digest is where you would go for the latest recipes, essential cooking tips, and nutritional information.

Reader’s Digest helps readers navigate through the abundance of information by bringing them savvy advice and smart choices. Their engaging stories get to the heart of what really matters to Canadians. And this is exactly how Reader’s Digest has built its solid reputation.

For us at Mediative, our objective has always been to connect marketers and advertisers with the right audience they need to meet their goals. That’s why we feel enormously excited to enter into a partnership with Reader’s Digest. It is a partnership that allows marketers to create unique advertising opportunities through a trusted brand and bridges the gap between online, print and mobile platforms.

Mediative will have the ability to sell digital (and print) products including ad units, sponsorships, integrated branding campaigns, contests, social media and more against each of the content areas in Health, Home, Family, Food, Finance, Humour and Pets.

With access to premium inventory, unprecedented reach, and integrated online, mobile and print campaigns, we feel the addition of ReadersDigest.ca, ReadersDigest.com, Selection.ca and TasteofHome.com  will add superior value to brands looking to enhance their presence with consumers.

*  PMB Spring 2012

** Based on audience and circ data collected from PMB Spring 2012, Harris Decima Study 2011, ABC Dec 2011, StarchMetrix 2011, comScore Spring 2012, Internal Stats, Google Analytics 2012, Facebook & Twitter April 2012

*** ComScore Media, Spring 2012 (Mar-May Avg)