What were some of Mediative’s content favourites of 2015?

Mediative is proud to produce some of the industry’s top digital marketing content and research and this year has been no different. Here is a quick review of 5 pieces of content that have come out of the brains of the Mediative Marketing team this year.

1. January 2015: Programmatic Buying Demystified (eBook)

This is a great introduction to programmatic buying for those who are still confused about all of the various terms of programmatic buying. Exchanges? RTB? DSP? SSP? Learn what it all means in this eBook.

2. June 2015: 80% of Canada’s top retailers online listings are inaccurate (eBook)

While at the national level, top Canadian retail brands are doing exceptionally well at brand advertising, when it comes to local marketing accuracy, there is room for improvement. Some of the best known Canadian brands could be experiencing large revenue losses from people looking for their stores, but not able to find the information they need online. Who are these brands? Find out in this eBook!

3. June 2015: Canadian retailers are struggling at local marketing (infographic)

Don’t have time to read eBooks or whitepapers? This infographic covers the main points of the eBook mentioned in point 2 but in an easy and quick to read format!

4. October 2015: 8 key action items to drive purchase behaviour with online display ads (research)

Display advertising in Canada is huge. But many advertisers are not getting the most return on their investment possible. This paper provides advertisers with tips to drive purchase behaviour with their ads, even if the ads don’t capture a click. And if ads are effective without capturing a click, what should advertisers be measuring instead to get a better understanding of how their campaigns are performing?

5. Coming early January 2016

OK so this is cheating a bit, as these papers haven’t actually been released yet, but they are ready to go, we are just making you wait a couple more weeks before you can actually download them!

  1. Maximize display ad viewability and engagement – 6 factors to consider (research): “Viewability” has become a hot topic in digital marketing, being defined as the opportunity for an ad to be viewed. Advertisers are beginning to understand that buying only viewable impressions might be a better option than buying general impressions. The purpose of this study was to learn what factors influence whether or not an online display ad is actually viewed and engaged with, and what advertisers can do to increase this potential, aside from the ad just being “viewable” on the page. Coming soon!!
  2. User interaction with Google search results pages on mobile (research): In 2014, Mediative released an eye-tracking study that looked at how Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) has changed over the last decade, and how searcher behaviour has adapted as a result. After this paper was released, we had lots of requests for the results on a mobile. So, this paper looks specifically at where on the mobile SERP searchers look and click the most, how this differs to desktop searchers, and what advertisers can do to ensure their Google listings are seen and clicked on a mobile SERP. Coming soon!!

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Rebecca Maynes
Rebecca Maynes is Mediative’s Manager, Content Marketing and Research. Her expertise lies in the creation of engaging thought leadership for Mediative. From compiling eBooks and case studies, to conducting research, analyzing data and writing white papers and reports, Rebecca is an integral part of Mediative’s Marketing and Research team. Rebecca began her career with Yell.com in England, and, after emigrating to Canada in 2005, she has gone full circle, joining Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group Company, in 2009. Prior positions include Marketing for a B2B Software company. Rebecca graduated from Cardiff University in Wales, UK, with a First Class Honours BSc in Business Administration.