Twitter promoted products 101

Twitter. Millions love it, everybody knows it. And as a marketer it is simply impossible to ignore this mass phenomena at 140 characters.

While it takes time to grow your follower base and the reach of your tweets organically, advertisers can accelerate the process with the help of ‘promoted products’. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a closer look.

Promoted accounts

twitter promoted productsPromoted Accounts are a fast and easy way to increase your follower base by displaying your account within the ‘who to follow’ suggestions to users interested in following you. According to Twitter, Interest is predicted based on a number of things, such as the public list of accounts a user follows. Each time a user decides to follow you, Twitter charges a price between the minimum bid of $0.50 and the maximum bid defined by the advertiser (cost per follow).

Before using this option, you want to make sure that your account is as appealing as possible to your target audience. An adapted background image, profile picture, company description, as well as a solid number of organic followers and relevant tweets within your account will create confidence and interest in following you. Finally, have your account verified by Twitter.

Promoted tweets

With the help of Promoted Tweets, advertisers can amplify the reach of a selected organic tweet either within the search results or in the timeline of the users. In addition to the maximum bid, Twitter will also consider relevancy, engagement, and age of the tweet as part of the auction. Advertisers pay for every Click, Re-Tweet or Reply to their ad (cost per engagement).

twitter promoted tweets

Promoted Tweets in search appear at the top of the resul ts page for defined keywords. Since Twitter users are mostly looking for news, current trends, or events, search volume can be volatile and it might be difficult to reach a constant and large audience.

Promoted Tweets in timelines offset the disadvantage in reach within the search results. The promoted tweet will appear at, or near the top, of the timeline of your followers or users with similar interests. The only influence you have on this target audience, however, is to establish a follower base that is solid enough for Twitter to identify relevant interests and that represent the ‘interest category’ you wish to reach.

Promoted trends

Promoted Trends will expose a topic of your choice on the Trends Module for everyone (yes, every twitter user in the world!) during a 24 hour period. By clicking on the promoted trend, the user is taken to the trend search results page, at the top of which is displayed a promoted tweet. With a fixed price of $120k this is definitely the most expensive Advertising Solution on Twitter.

Enhanced profile pages

With the newest product, Enhanced Profile Page, advertisers have greater control over the content of their profile page, and can therefore create a better brand experience on Twitter. This option includes a large header photo (below the biography) as well as a promoted tweet on top of the page’s timeline. However this enhancement won’t be visible on mobile devices.


Promoted Products can definitely help advertisers quickly improve the reach of their messages and the impact of their brand on a huge network that now counts 500 million users. However, each company has to evaluate the potential gains and costs associated to it, based on its Twitter goals. What is the value of a new follower for your company? How much are you willing to pay for a Tweet interaction? Be aware that Promoted Products are pricy and their targeting options limited. For example outside of the US, users can only be reached at a national level, which makes it irrelevant to promote local events.

Finally, promoted products can only be as successful as the content which they convey. A solid communication plan and a dedicated community management are crucial to convince and retain your target audience – paid and organic.

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