Traffic – The kind you’ll love

Freeways, rush hour, and gridlock; three things we’ve come to avoid in our adult lives…so is there a good kind of traffic?

Traffic to your website of course!

The key to online digital success lies in thinking like your customers and responding to how they behave online. It’s not enough to simply build a website and hope customers will come.

  • Your site must be visually appealing and user friendly.
  • You need to be visible on the search engine results pages.
  • You need to extend your reach beyond those people who already know you.

So How do you do that?

All digital marketing efforts are secondary to the performance of your website at the core. Once your website is fully optimized for effective conversion generation, you can concentrate on bringing more traffic to the site by performing search engine optimization, nurturing the leads who know you via re-targeting and social media and using display ads to increase your visibility. Each of these strategies can work independently of each other, but none will be successful if your website is not performing to its highest potential.

Digital Strategy retailers

There are four key groups of customers that you should be targeting for maximum exposure and online effectiveness:

WEBSITE: People who are on your site, trying to achieve a goal

At the core of all digital marketing efforts is your website. Before trying to increase traffic to your site, you must ensure that your site is effective for those people who have already found it. For your website to be a successful revenue generator, you must take away the frustrations and reduce the time it takes for visitors to find the right solution to fit their needs. Improving the user experience will increase the number of visitors converting into customers, and increase your revenue. See how to improve your website user experience here.

SEARCH: People are looking for the product or service you offer but haven’t found your site yet

This audience is positively seeking out information, offers, or the products you sell online. They may be looking to buy or they may be researching solutions. Either way, you need to be visible and prominent on the search engines – otherwise, it won’t matter how customer-friendly your site is. If people can’t find it, they won’t know what you’re offering. Visibility on search engines can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click Advertising. Discover how to get started with SEO and Pay-per-Click advertising.

NURTURING: People who have previously interacted with your brand, but are not actively searching for your product or service

These are people who have heard of your brand or products and might buy someday but right now, they are not actively searching online. This is an audience you must nurture so when they are ready to buy, your product or brand is top of mind. You can encourage this audience to return to your site rather than waiting for them to come back. To nurture your audience, you can use tools such as re-targeted ads, social media and email. See how retargeting works and social media best practices.

DIGITAL MEDIA: People who may or may not know your brand, and are not actively looking for your product or service

This group is harder to sell to. They haven’t necessarily heard of you and they aren’t actively searching for your product or service. The key here is to have a strong brand presence, a good reputation in social media and a competitive advertising strategy so that when the time comes for these people to start researching solutions or products, you are there. If your offer is compelling and appealing enough, you could entice this group to try your product or service before they are actually ready to purchase. Create a desire with the right message at the right time. A good display advertising campaign targeting the right audience can be an effective way to reach people that didn’t necessarily know you and attract them to your website or landing page. Find out the best practices in banner advertising and the reasons to consider hyperlocal mobile display advertising.

By utilizing these tips, you can generate the traffic you want while avoiding the traffic you don’t.