Top 10 resources of 2014

Mediative is an industry leader in digital marketing, and through the years we have produced many research studies that have significantly influenced organizations’ digital strategies. 2014 has been no exception. We are committed to helping companies become the best in their respective industries, and provide many resources that are available free of charge from our website to help organizations formulate a solid digital strategy.

So, what have been the most downloaded pieces of content from our website in 2014? What are other people in the industry finding most useful?

Here’s our Top 10 most downloaded pieces of content this year:

Eye-tracking whitepaper: The evolutions of Google’s search engine results pages and the effects on user behaviour

This research has seen phenomenal success in the industry’s media this year, and continues to be referenced as we head into 2015. As a follow up to a similar research undertaken in 2005, this paper details how, as Google SERPs have greatly evolved, so do have the ways in which searchers have been conditioned to behave on Google. The goal of this research is to help marketers to improve their odds of being seen – and clicked on – by the right audience.

ressource2014 Google Golden Triangle

Cheat sheet: Hyperlocal audience targeting

Consumer needs and wants are forever changing depending upon where the consumer finds himself, when it is in the day, and what the surrounding environmental factors are. When it comes to mobile, it’s all about the here and now.

ressource2014 Hyperlocal Audience Targeting

Cheat sheet: Real time bidding

Real time bidding allows advertisers to bid in real time on display advertising impressions. Like an auction, the advertiser with the highest bid gets their ad shown to the website visitor.

ressource2014 Real Time Bidding

Cheat sheet : SEO for website re-design

Website redesigns carry a significant level of risk to existing organic rankings and revenue. If the new website is not built in an SEO-friendly manner, it can experience a dramatic drop in rankings and site traffic. This may result in a significant amount of rework post-launch.

ressource2014 Cheat Sheet SEO or Website Redesign

Eye tracking whitepaper: Local mobile search

The purpose of this research was to discover how people interact with a mobile device to conduct a local search for a product or service, and the role social media makes in aiding their decision.

ressource2014 Eye Tracking Local Mobile Search

Cheat sheet: Mobile marketing trends for 2014

As mobile was projected to be such a huge focus for many, if not all companies in 2014, we provided what we believed to be the most important trends in mobile marketing that could affect marketers in 2014. Were we right?

ressource2014 Mobile Marketing Trends 2014

Cheat sheet: 8 quick wins to instantly improve your website

These 8 easy to implement tips can be applied to increase the performance of a website. For example, are the forms on your site asking for more than four pieces of information? Research shows that asking for more than four pieces of information is likely to cause a drop in conversions, therefore weigh the need for more information against a likely reduction in conversions.

ressource2014 Improve Website

Cheat sheet: SEO predictions and tips for 2014

In 2013, we saw the SEO landscape change considerably with the implementation of Panda and Penguin updates by Google and the launch of their Hummingbird algorithm update. All of these changes were part of a desire to create a better user experience and to target and penalize spammers. With those recent updates in mind, this cheat sheet laid out some of Mediative’s predictions and tips to help marketers shape their digital marketing efforts in 2014.

ressource2014 SEO Predictions and Tips

Mobile website UX checklist

In this checklist, marketers are encouraged to open their website on a mobile device and answer several questions to see how mobile friendly the website is.

ressource2014 Improve Website User Experience

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