Thank you for buying… Now buy some more

You’ve maximized traffic. You’ve optimized landing experiences. You’ve spruced up forms and tested the heck out of your conversion path. Sounds like you’ve got your ducks in a row.

Except for one thing. The thank you page.

Seems pretty obvious, right? Lots of marketers overlook it – you’ve already made the sale (or download, or whatever), and in this age of data-driven marketing, it seems like traffic and conversions are all anyone (read: your boss) cares about. But remember all those things you learned in marketing school: it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than get new ones, the best time to upsell is at purchase… These people already trust you with their email address, credit card, and so on. Take advantage of that and keep them engaged!

Using the thank you page to your advantage.

You have a few options for what you could put on the thank you page, and what you choose will depend on your business goals and sales model.

Before we get to the optional stuff, your thank you page should always include:

  • Something that says “thank you”.
  • Transaction details – confirmation number, shipping tracking, etc.
  • Any next steps that they need to take for their transaction – they need to print their receipt, etc.
  • Clear information about what’s going to happen next – they’ll get a receipt by email, etc.

Now for the fun stuff. To re-engage this customer, you could:

  • Provide resources related to the one they’ve just downloaded (another white paper, a related case study, a product brochure, etc.).
  • Cross-sell other products related to the one they’ve just purchased (a la Amazon).
  • Give them a coupon or other incentive for their next purchase.
  • Give them an opportunity to create an account (if you let them go through the conversion process as a “guest”).
  • Offer other ways to engage with your company (newsletter signup, contact information).
  • Encourage social sharing (“Tell your friends/colleagues about this deal/white paper”) or social engagement with your company (“Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter”).
  • Get feedback with a customer satisfaction survey.
  • Display some highly-targeted ads for other products or partner companies.

How do you thank your customers?

What are you doing on your thank you pages to keep your customers engaged? Do you have any favourites from other companies that you’d like to share? Tell us below!