Taking Data Personally

In a recent study[1] 70% of marketers said that the use of behavioural data would increase over the next three years.

For Mediative, data is one of the most important assets that we leverage in delivering successful digital campaigns. Our data comes from owned and operated websites such as yp.ca and RedFlagDeals.ca, or from publishers that we represent like Walmart.ca, Bestbuy.ca or Lespac.ca. Using data for performance is our DNA, so we decided to ask key members of the team at Mediative (Darby Sieben, President, Jon de la Mothe, VP Platforms & Information Technology, and Oz Nazilli, Director of Product) for their input on this topic.

Darby Sieben


Jon de la Mothe


Oz Nazilli

Q: How do you see data helping advertisers in the digital industry connect with their customers in this fluid world of multiple devices and touch-points?

[DS]: Data will be critical for advertisers to reach the right audience, especially as we move to the multi-channel world with many devices. Having the data to understand user flow and engagement by platform will be critical to optimize ad dollars and ensure the best ROI.

[JdlM] The right data is key to delivering on the holy grail of advertising… the right message, in the right place, at the right time, with the right context.

[ON] “Online” is a very complicated concept that we take for granted these days. Consider this: There are 3.2 billion Internet users in the world. In Canada specifically, there are 33 million connected individuals, comprising 93% of our population. In such a vast landscape, the only way for an advertiser to have a meaningful interaction is to be highly focused in their targeting. Data is the key enabler in this. Think about the last time you received a piece of marketing communication; was it relevant to you at that moment? Would it have been relevant to you at all in your life time? As a male denizen of the Internet who doesn’t have kids, I can only tolerate so many deals on laser hair removal or Sesame Street storybooks! Imagine how much more effective those ad units could have been if they were driven by these key insights!

Q: As someone who embraces early technologies, how do you see data impacting your day to day life?

[DS] In my day to day life, data impacts everything. As a person who tracks multiple sources of personal and business data, I use data to help guide short and long term decisions.

“I see data as key to reducing the friction in my day to day life. I want the brands & businesses that I trust to know what I need next, and then help me quickly fill that need in an elegant way.” Jon de la Mothe

[ON] I am a firm believer of customization, and I think that it is beneficial almost universally, regardless of the product in question. Therefore, I look for opportunities to use data for customization in both my personal and professional lives. One size fits all is rarely true in real life!

I actually prefer advertisers to know a bit about me so that the ads I see can be customized, and this was true even before I joined the ad industry. My theory is, if I’m going to see ads anyway (and I understand that content on the Internet is not free), I’d rather see one for a product that could benefit my life, rather than one that I would have no interest in whatsoever.

Finally, I’m quite excited about the possibilities of new data collection methods in all aspects of life. Wearables, cross-device tracking, and smartphones with more sensors than ever create opportunities where none existed before. Qualcomm, Fitbit, Garmin, Facebook and Apple are all companies that benefited from this new world of hyper-connectivity. There might be a course-correction at some point where the consumer says “stop!” to this battle for their data but until then, I believe, like most early adopters, that sharing data helps make our lives better.

Q: What is the most unusual piece of data that you shared with the world?

[DS] Probably my 23andMe data, that one has to be up there.

(Note: www.23andme.com is a personalized DNA service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA)

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[JdlM]  That I frequent the world’s shortest Ferry Ride (121 metres) several times a month.

(Note: The worlds shortest ferry ride travels form Toronto City Centre Airport Island to the City).

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[ON] I don’t know if this qualifies but I was an early adopter for Interaxon’s Muse, which is a brain-activity sensing headband made by a startup here in Toronto. They started off with the goal of making a new way to interact with computers but they pivoted to making a device that aids in relaxation and meditation. I shared my “score” for these sessions (which measures how successful you were at relaxing), with people. I never imagined that one day I’d be scored on not having any thoughts, and that I would share it with the world!

(Note: http://company.interaxon.ca/home.html Interaxon is a company that develops brain-controlled interface technology, both the hardware and the software).

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[1] Millward Brown Digital Study Getting Digital Right 2015: https://www.millwardbrowndigital.com/getting-digital-right-2015/

Laura Cristescu
Laura is the Product Manager for Mobile Advertising at Mediative. With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing and advertising technology, she is focused on the capability of delivering online services with particular emphasis on mobile and local.
She started working in the media industry ten years ago for CME, a magazine and tv stations network with properties in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Ukraine. From there she moved to another media trust and in 2011 started working for Mediative as a Product Manager for location based marketing solutions.
She has Bachelor Degree and a certificate in Brand Management, and she is passionate about digital adverting and technology, getting all excited about words like SSP, DPS, DMP, DFP and mobile ad Exchanges.
She lives in Montreal with her family.