Big Game delivers big win

The Big Game The Big Game was a big hit this weekend. Not only did the Giants take home the WIN 🙂 ; it was also a great match up, right down to the final seconds. Marketers put on their game face too with some of the most anticipated ads making their world debut on the small screen. Here in Canada, Mediative Retail developed innovative online opportunities to reach fans during one of the most energized marketing seasons of the year.

For the 3rd year in a row Mediative developed The Big Game in partnership with Future Shop, AskMen and some of the biggest brands in entertainment. The Big Game concept is simple: create an interactive retail experience that engages the audience on a whole new level. We leveraged Super Bowl Sunday by tapping to Future Shop’s core audience– a gadget enthusiast, typically male with higher than average disposable income.

WThe Big Game e combined Future Shop products with relevant reviews along with Big Game recipes, DIY party planner tips and more – all made possible by a premium content partnership with AskMen; the quintessential men’s lifestyle authority throughout the world. Instead of listing specs on products in the microsite, AskMen provided learning and lifestyle content about Big Game food ideas, how to build the best party and how to set up the perfect home entertainment system for optimal viewing pleasure. It’s about how to create the lifestyle around the sporting event.
All of this content was displayed in a Big Game lounge microsite showcasing leading products. Mediative implemented this concept directly on the most popular departments on Future Shop’s website. Organic traffic and homepage promotions ensured maximum exposure during a key retail season. Sponsorship opportunities were also developed to help approved advertisers generate additional awareness about their brand and products.

And while we launched this exciting project on Future Shop, many other Mediative Retail sites like Walmart, Best Buy and others were leveraged by advertisers to reach Big Game shoppers.

The Big Game Retail offers that key ability to tap in to people’s consumption habits, beyond what news and entertainment sites can offers. It’s our differentiating factor. Retail media (or point of purchase advertising) allows advertisers to consider the buying habits of their audiences and target them according to the real product categories that appeal to them. Consider Future Shop leading up to Super Bowl Sunday – it has all the things you
’ll need to make the most of any sporting event viewing experience; big screen TVs, home theatre receivers, universal remote controls, and home PVRs from providers like Bell. It’s all there, organized by category and can be targeted with ease (heck, it’s easier than geo-targeting impressions to the GTA!)

Now that the Big Game is behind us, it’s now time to work off all those chicken wings and get back to work! Mediative Retail is gearing up for the next key retail push for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back-to-School, and much more!