SoLoMo: My View of 2012

‘SoLoMo’ is the new buzzword circulating the digital industry – SocialLocalMobile. 2012 is going to see less purely mobile marketing strategies, and more SoLoMo integrated campaigns. This is highly driven by consumer expectations – consumers expect to be able to communicate, research, connect, browse, shop, etc, on their mobile device, and share it instantly with their social network. The future of marketing is cross-channel campaigns. Marketers can no longer focus on one exclusively over another.

Read the full 2-page article to find out:

  • Why mobile is seen as the next big thing
  • Expectations for mobile advertising and mCommerce in 2012
  • Location Based Services (LBS) and what they mean for marketers heading into 2012
  • The power of the “check-in”
  • Social media marketing trends
  • The importance of “share-ability” of content
  • How to get ‘fans’ and keep them through social media
  • Integration of social and email – how to adapt to the changing digital world
  • Other trends to watch out for in 2012, including QR (Quick Response) codes, the increase in “gameification”, and the rise of the mobile wallet.

SoLoMo IS the next big thing in connecting with consumers – marketers need to continue to stay on top of developments and leverage all three in order to maintain competitiveness.

Read the full 2-page article.

This article was co-written by Rebecca Maynes and Angie Dzwonkiewicz.