Social Media for Media Sellers Workshop

Social Media for Media Sellers Workshop, A Laredo Group Seminar

Social media investments from small to large companies are increasing both in time and dollars needed to accomplish goals and objectives. This workshop will help you understand the best approaches and strategies, as well as tune-in to your clients’ knowledge and use of social platforms. This training workshop will help sellers “connect the dots” between paid and earned/shared media, and how to use and add publisher media opportunities to enhance reaching and engaging customers.

Specifically, this program will dissect the social media landscape, highlight major tools and technologies, identify the different platforms and components, address use of social networks and apps by demographics, and provide a structure for discussing social media strategy. We will give tips and insights for researching clients’ social business opportunities and review appropriate questions to ask that will demonstrate how paid media opportunities can synch and energize social marketing efforts.

  • Trends and Forecasts
  • The Social Media Landscape
  • Implications for Marketers
  • Using Paid Media to Amplify Social Media
  • Social Media Monitoring, Metrics and Measurement

9:00AM – Noon, The Ad Lab at IAB Offices – 116 East 27th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016
$299 non-members / $249 for IAB Members