Social analytics for PR functions – Webinar

Social Media teams are becoming quite sophisticated in how they listen to conversations. The real opportunity for true success lies in the ability to capture the trends, missed opportunities, tangible possibilities and convert your findings into actionable insights.But, it takes a champion to unite the organization around new possibilities, to become more relevant and to improve customer experiences and relationships. It takes a change agent. It takes someone to rally other stakeholders to mobilize an internal revolution that transforms the organization from the inside out.

In this session, Brian will share:

• How to translate activity and conversations into insights
• The importance role insights play into making the case for transformation
• How social media plays a larger role in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in social and mobile networks
• How to bring a team together to push for support, budget and resources to socialize internal businesses and functions
• Which companies have successfully led internal change and how they did it

Program: Social Smart Series
Time: (GMT-08:00) 2 pm eastern