Building consumer trust with AdWords tools

No matter the platform used, retailers need to build trust with consumers in order to get initial and repeat business. Retail transactions online can feel less legitimate than in-person, so it’s important to build a strong reputation, a good rapport with customers and become known as an authority on your niche.

Customer reviews and endorsements from others are extremely helpful, and endorsements from Google can often give a needed boost to an online retail campaign using Adwords and Google Shopping.

Here are three ways to build trust using Adwords:

Google Trusted Store

This badge is a direct endorsement from Google. It requires active participation – you need to apply, add code to your site and then wait for reviews to accumulate – and it can potentially help tell consumers that your site, over someone else’s, is the right place to do business.


The badge appears on your website and on your Google Shopping listings, making your results more credible than the one next to you.

In Adwords, your Review Extensions will now say Google Trusted Store right underneath the review text.


And finally, Google Trusted Stores will actually affect your Seller Ratings. All the tools work together to simplify and publicize your excellent customer service.

Adwords Review Extensions

This is an often underused extension, but definitely worth using for retailers. The extension shows either a paraphrase or direct quote from a trusted third-party, with a link to the quote.


Often the first hurdle with a review extension is answering the question, “Why would I send traffic to a third party?” The answer is that all extensions, not just reviews, are meant to boost the CTR of the whole ad. It’s not so much expected that everyone will click directly on the quote. Rather, it signals to someone who sees your ad that people besides you endorse your services.

Consumer ratings

Of all the trust-building tools in Adwords, Google Consumer Ratings is the trickiest. It’s dynamically applied to your ads, so they can just start showing up unexpectedly. The only direct control you have over them is to opt-out – something I recommend for brands that are very PR conscious such as Airlines. You can also measure their performance by going to the Ad Extensions Tab and choosing Automated extensions report from the drop down menu.

If you want to turn Consumer Ratings on, you can fill in a form. To turn them off, you’ll need to contact Google to opt out.

Building trust takes time. The easiest way to get consumers to trust you is with consistently high customer service, problem solving and ease of use. If you’re already doing that, these Adwords tools can help you highlight your strengths, and keep on improving.

Julia Vyse
When not in the Adwords UI, Julia can be found in jazz clubs and music festivals listening to music, celebrating music, writing about music and generally enjoying music. Possibly as a result, she is not a morning person.