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Jul 2nd 2013

The Impact of Local Social Engagement on Your Business Traffic

There are people out there looking for your business through social media channels like Facebook and Foursquare. It’s important to actively look for opportunities to increase the number of check-ins to your locations and generate more in-store traffic.

In this webinar, learn from experts Rob Reed (Founder of MomentFeed), and Kyle Grant (Senior Product Manager - Services at Mediative) as they share their insight on:

  • The New Reality of Consumer Behaviour: how online and offline activities are integrating, fueled by mobile adoption
  • The Value of Local Engagement
  • Building a Foundation: claiming and cleaning your local listing.
  • Scaling Local Social Media Organization-wide
  • Getting Started: An action plan to add value to customer relationships and increase social engagement at the local level
Oct 18th 2012

Mobile Commerce: Getting the Sale

Learn how to develop a mobile e-commerce strategy that will optimize your content for mobile and boost sales. In this 60-minute thought-provoking webinar, we’ll show you how to optimize the mobile shopping experience end to end, and ultimately how to get the sale.

What you will learn:

  • Why the majority of visitors don’t buy on mobiles
  • How consumers use different devices for different tasks
  • How to optimize your mobile content to get the sale
  • What you should do about mobile payments
  • How mobile remarketing can drive conversions
Oct 12th 2012

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation, Featuring Marketo

Join Marketo's Jon Miller, VP of Marketing Content and Strategy, and Mediative's Angie Dzwonkiewicz, Senior Manager of Direct Marketing, in this 40-minute live webinar as they discuss: 

  • The different types of channels and strategies that are used to generate leads
  • The role of social media in lead generation
  • How to implement and get the most out of lead scoring
  • How to know which lead management platform is right for you
  • How to measure your success
Sep 6th 2012

5 Things Every Marketer Needs To Know for 2013 Planning

Join industry experts Gord Hotchkiss, CSO at Mediative, and Bill Barnes, VP Business Development at Mediative, as they answer 5 key questions every marketer struggles with when launching effective digital marketing programs. Get answers to:

  • How much traffic can I really get from search?
  • What is the best return on digital marketing investment I can expect?
  • How effective is my digital marketing campaign?
  • What areas should I focus on first?
  • What will it take to become a 'best in class' digital marketer?
Sep 4th 2012

Your 4-Month Digital Media Plan for the Holidays

Boost your holiday sales with this comprehensive 4-month digital media campaign plan. Learn how to strategize and structure your display ad channel as well as deliver your campaign at optimized ad spend.

Jun 19th 2012

Action Items from Digital Marketing Research featuring Walmart

In these webinar slides, Mediative’s Director of Digital Strategy and Retail Media, Ben Rodier, and Usability Manager, Ian Everdell, will show how the results of our recent research on customer behaviour featuring Walmart, can be translated into actionable tips to improve your online advertising approach.

Mar 27th 2012

6 Ways to Accelerate your SEO Strategy featuring Insights from Allstate Insurance

This 40-minute webinar, with Cyma Saeed, Web Marketing Manager at Allstate and Chris Pinkerton, Senior Account Director at Mediative, will discuss how to drive advanced SEO strategy across an enterprise model.

Join Cyma and Chris as they provide insight into key concepts that organizations should consider when mapping out their SEO approach.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Build an effective SEO foundation
  • Scale across multiple divisions and web properties
  • Evolve your analysis of success to gain the most insight
Feb 14th 2012

Introduction to Data Advertising

This webinar, featuring presenter Dina Hilal, VP of Products at Blue Kai, will walk you through the process of getting started with audience targeting and data advertising. Learn how to increase the marketing intelligence gained from audience data in order to achieve your direct response goals. 

Jan 24th 2012

Getting the Most from your Google Places Listing - New Eye Tracking Research

This webinar with Ian Everdell, Website Usability and Research Manager at Mediative, will help you to identify which elements of a Google Places listing are most important to searchers.

Some key elements he will cover include:

  • What searchers look at and click on when using Google Places
  • What features to leverage for more clicks on your listing
  • A sneak peek at our eye tracking of Google Places on the iPhone

This webinar will highlight the key findings of our most recent eye tracking research and provide insight on how you should maximize Google Places as part of your local marketing strategy.

Jun 14th 2011

8 Ways to Leverage Mobile for Marketing

There are many ways to leverage Mobile Marketing such as: Location Based Marketing, SMS Marketing or having a Mobile friendly website.

Join us for a 40-minute webinar with Matthieu Houle, Director Mobile & Platforms with Yellow Pages Group, as he shares with you the top 8 ways you can leverage mobile for your business.

May 25th 2011

SEO for Website Redesign - Getting it Right from the Start

Without an understanding of the SEO implications, a website redesign carries a significant level of risk, and you could see a dramatic drop in your existing organic rankings, traffic and revenue.

In this 40-minute webinar Grainger’s SEO Manager, eCommerce Jeff Muendel and Mediative’s Charlotte Bourne will share with you their “Top 4 SEO Redesign Musts”.

Mar 29th 2011

Location Based Marketing - Checking Up on Checking In

You’ve probably heard of Foursquare and Gowalla, but is there more to location-based marketing than just checking in at your favourite coffee shop?

In this 40-minute webinar, Mediative’s Mohamed Kahlain will introduce marketers to location-based marketing, and take a look down the road to see where it is going next.

Feb 28th 2011

Traffic is Flowing. Make Sure Your Website isn't a Ten Car Pileup!

When traffic hits your website, does it move along a logical route to a mutually beneficial destination? Or, is your website creating road blocks and dead ends, frustrating your customers and costing you lost leads and revenue?

Watch this 40-minute webinar to learn from experts Lance Loveday (CEO of Closed Loop Marketing), Bill Barnes (VP of Mediative) and Ian Everdell (Usability Consultant at Mediative), as they share their insights.

Jan 25th 2011

Analytics & Reporting

How to define metrics that actually mean something to your bottom line.

Learn from experts Chris Knoch (VP Marketing, Ready Financial Group), Bill Barnes (VP of Mediative) and Kyle Grant (Senior Sponsored Search Marketing Strategist, Mediative), as they share their insights.

Dec 8th 2010

10 Tips for Selling Search to the C-Suite

Are you struggling with selling Search to the C-Suite in your company? Turn your conversations and presentations into successes! When you focus on the value and metrics that Search provides, senior executives will be sold on Search being an essential part of their overall digital strategy.

Watch this 40-minute webinar to learn from experts Bill Barnes, VP of Mediative, Mike Moran, Chief Strategist of Converseon and Jennifer Lemming, Marketing Director of DS Waters of America, as they share their insights

Nov 9th 2010

Landing Page Optimization: Matching Content to Intent

Are your landing pages the place where good leads go to die? Turn those leads into conversions! When your landing page content matches your customers’ intent, conversions will follow.

Bill Barnes, VP of Mediative, and Usability Consultant Ian Everdell share tactics you can use right away to optimize landing pages and elevate your conversion levels.

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