Case Studies

Fortune 500 Car Rental Company Drives Engagement and Revenue from Social Media Nov 14th 2014

Drivind engagement and revenue from social media for a Fortune 500 car rental company.

50% Increase in CTRs Over Industry Averages by Aligning Telecom Ads to Audience Nov 14th 2014

Increasing reach and subscriptions from a promotion with display advertising.

Click-Through Rates 8x Higher Than Industry Average for Luxury Car Brand's Mobil Nov 14th 2014

Increase visibility towards business professionals for a luxury car manufacturer with hyperlocal mobile ads.

Taxi Company Proves That a Solid Digital Presence Can Capture Market Share Again Oct 17th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile display to build solid digital presence and capture market share.

178% Increase in Conversions and 51% Reduction in Cost per Conversion with PPC Oct 1st 2014

Increasing conversions while reducing cost per conversion with PPC for a well-known cleaning service.


HyLoMo Campaign Delivers 1.5M Impressions and CTRs 81% Higher than Industry Benc Sep 30th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile campaigns to target a qualified audience and drive traffic in a restaurant.

37% Higher than Average Video Engagement when Targeting Custom Audience Sep 29th 2014

Generating engagement with video ads by targeting custom audiences using data.

Sep 5th 2014

Increasing display advertising campaign performance and ROI by tracking post-view conversions.


71% Reduction in eCPA Over 3 Months for Unique Watch Manufacturer and Retailer Aug 14th 2014

Increasing conversions from display advertising while reducing the CPA for a unique watch manufacturer and retailer.

Programmatic Data and Real-Time-Bidding Deliver Qualified Conversions Apr 15th 2014

Using data in a display advertising campaign enabled Mediative to generate a high number of conversions for a well-known automotive company.

Local SEO delivers 263% increase in qualified traffic to store locator page Apr 2nd 2014

Increase in-store traffic via local search Snack Microsite Increases Customer Visit Duration 450% Nov 19th 2013

Inspiring Walmart grocery consumers, and increasing brand awareness and affinity of the Mondelez brand within the online retail environment.

Using Geo-Targeting Effectively in PPC Advertising Sep 17th 2013

Honing the paid search strategy for a global insurance company from state-level down to city-level for better targeting.

Landing Page Changes Double PPC Conversion Rates Mar 4th 2013

A vending equipment company optimized their landing page, which helped double the conversions from their PPC campaign.

Using Hyperlocal Mobile Display to Drive More Relevant Traffic Jul 30th 2013

Find out how Mediative delivered CTRs that were over 3x higher than the industry standard.


Display Drives Leads Jul 23rd 2013

The challenge facing Mediative was how would we pinpoint people who were in the market for new housing within a relatively small community.

Specific Audience Targeting Generates 40% More Qualified Leads Jul 23rd 2013

One of our telecom advertisers was having challenges driving qualified leads to their site. What they needed was more clicks for a smaller amount of impressions.

Establishing a Beachhead for Massive Growth with Paid Search Jun 21st 2013

Our client was a direct response-driven organization – all advertising expenditures needed to be directly tied to revenue. 

Hyperlocal Mobile Success - Generate Better Audience Targeting Jun 21st 2013

In order to target the Canadian business community, we decided to target all Canadian smartphone users within business districts, during business hours. 

Online Retailer Achieves 500% ROAS Using Display Strategy And Real-Time Bidding Jun 11th 2013

A well-known fitness retailer implemented a retargeting campaign, which revamped their online marketing strategy and boosted sales over the holiday season.

Keyword Expansion Drives Increase in Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue Dec 21st 2012

Due to the past successes achieved with paid search, Mediative's client increased its budget to improve and maximize traffic and conversions.

Paid Search Campaign Success Achieved Through Strategic Keyword Analysis Dec 21st 2012

To deliver results for paid search, Mediative performed an extensive keyword expansion to increase conversion goals and zero in on customer intent.

Long-Term Investment In Paid Search Results In Big Wins For Enterprise Client Dec 21st 2012

For this enterprise level client, Mediative implemented a paid search campaign that increased their competitiveness and geographic exposure.

Interactive and inspiring online retail content drives increase in traffic Nov 19th 2012

Walmart partnered with Mediative to generate an interactive experience that would engage, educate and drive sales for Walmart Canada both online and in stores.

Retailer Boosts Click Through Rate with Mobile Campaign Oct 29th 2012

Realizing the potential of location based marketing, a well-known retailer implemented a hyperlocal marketing strategy to target mobile consumers.

Display Advertising At-Retail: Measuring the Success of In-Store and Online Ad P Jun 8th 2012

With a collective goal to close out 2011 with significant results, Mediative and a worldwide gaming brand, set out to implement a retail-focused digital media strategy.

Remarketing Case Study: Today’s Visitor, Tomorrow’s Customer Mar 1st 2012

Find out how Mediative and its client, a Canadian telecommunications company, reduced the cost per acquisition 7x, and increased conversion rate 16x.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Leads to 50% Increase in Non-Branded Traffic Mar 1st 2012

Proving the case for SEO was a success factor in the constant growth of traffic to this customer's website. 50% more traffic and 32% YOY revenue growth resulted.

Remarketing Provides a Significant Lift for a Small Investment Dec 23rd 2012

B2B company in the US increases conversion rate by 74% and reduces cost per conversion by 50% through remarketing strategy.

User Experience: 74% Increase in Conversion Rate From Simple Website Changes Jul 9th 2011

By implementing navigational quick wins to the website, this leading healthcare manufacturing company increased purchase intent conversions by 74%.

SEO for Website Redesign: 356% Increase in Organic Traffic Jul 9th 2011

Integrating seo strategy with website design planning results in tremendous organic traffic increases to this Mediative client.

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