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At Mediative, knowledge is at the core of what we do in the digital world. It is fueled by data, research and experience, and shaped by the curiosity of our people - to delve deeper and think ahead. With access to the industry's latest research and technologies, we uncover precise data of how 'shoppers and clients buy.' We make this knowledge available through studies, reports, cheat sheets, webinars and blogs.

Taxi Company Proves That a Solid Digital Presence Can Capture Market Share Again Oct 17th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile display to build solid digital presence and capture market share.

178% Increase in Conversions and 51% Reduction in Cost per Conversion with PPC Oct 1st 2014

Increasing conversions while reducing cost per conversion with PPC for a well-known cleaning service.


HyLoMo Campaign Delivers 1.5M Impressions and CTRs 81% Higher than Industry Benc Sep 30th 2014

Using hyperlocal mobile campaigns to target a qualified audience and drive traffic in a restaurant.

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Deep Dive Into the Elements of Google’s SERP: The Carousel


These results are taken from Mediative’s latest research “Google’s Evolving Results Page and The Impact on Your Business”.  For more background as to the purpose behind the study and methodology, download the full study, or read the first blog post in this series. Carousel listings are a new feature in the US that are not widespread yet in Canada. They are part of Google’s Knowledge Graph results and in part were a precursor to results that we could expect to see from Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update where Google is attempting to deliver more semantically relevant search results.     Note: on the carousel, if you click on a listing, you are not taken to the website of that listing but to another Google SERP all about that listing. Carousel results are shown for local results in the US (with an image, business name, and ratings and reviews if applicable) and also for other types of searches such as sports team rosters, music artists albums, tourism searches etc.  If they become widely accepted, expect Google’s carousel results to appear for travel, hospitality, [...]

178% Increase in Conversions and 51% Reduction in Cost per Conversion With PPC


Mediative took over the running of paid search campaigns for this client, a large cleaning service franchise, from their previous paid search vendor. The client was unsatisfied with the vendor’s inability to spend the full monthly budget, and felt that there were conversions being left on the table. In the first six months of working with Mediative, the client saw a steady increase in conversions month over month, and as of month three was seeing the highest number of conversions ever in 2 years of running paid search. Find out what Mediative did to achieve a 178% increase in conversions and 51% reduction in cost per conversion.   Download the 1-page case study: 178% Increase in Conversions and 51% Reduction in Cost per Conversion With PPC  

Pubcon 2014: Days Two & Three Overview


Going into day two I was excited that the day’s topics would be surrounding content marketing and developing content strategies.  I was also looking forward to the keynote from Chris Brogan.   I have been live blogging various sessions via twitter so be sure to check out my twitter handle at:  @marketing_jive.  Here is a rundown of some of the sessions that I attended on days two and three of Pubcon 2014.   Kickoff Keynote with Ted Murphy I’ve seen Chris speak at various conferences over the years and he has really grown into a really strong and powerful presenter.  I really enjoyed his keynote where he talked about Mission Driven Execution.  Chris told a number of war-related speeches and tied them back to how they can apply to business.  One of the memorable quotes from one of the stories was that “… action produces the appetite for more action.”  Some of the key points touched on by Chris: Brand is the cultured expression of Mission: Mission is what drives your deepest purpose.  Mission drives execution and Mission drives value. Mission [...]

Pubcon 2014: Day One Overview


I am spending the week in one of my favorite cities, Las Vegas, for Pubcon Vegas 2014.  This marks my third Pubcon event and, as I said last year, it will probably not be my last.  I have attended a number of other search marketing conferences and have found that Pubcon is always a step above the rest.  This year the event takes place from October 6-9, 2014 (a few weeks earlier than in the past) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I’ve been live  blogging various sessions via twitter so be sure to check out my twitter handle at:  @marketing_jive.  Here is a rundown of some of the sessions that I attended on Day One.   Kickoff Keynote with Ted Murphy Ted phoned in sick so the opening keynote was with Jeff Eisenberg who discussed “Buyer Legends”.  Jeff is known for his conversion optimization techniques.  He discussed the idea of simplifying everything and talked about combining the emotional power of storytelling with hard data.  He concluded with four reasons why we should become “buyer legends”: Improves communication Improves execution [...]

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Mediative's expertise is rooted in the knowledge we acquire from conducting research projects related to online behaviour. Some of our research projects you might be interested in:


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