Eye Tracking Website Engagement

[[Eye Tracking Website Engagement]]

Eye tracking supports our research and gives our clients insight into how users navigate around their website. Through this process, we are able to provide detailed feedback on what needs to be changed in order to optimize a website’s user experience and conversions.

Eye Tracking the User Experience

Eye tracking on a website is the process of analyzing a user’s optical focus as they perform various tasks. Eye tracking technology is used to track users’ eye movements as they complete specific tasks that support the website’s conversion goals. The data collected provides our research team with insight into how a website’s user experience can be improved and how desktop, tablet or smartphone devices impact user behaviour.

User-Centric Website Design

At Mediative, we understand the importance of effective user-centric website design and its impact on delivering against conversion goals. Our years of experience in user experience consulting has given us the opportunity to work  with some of the biggest companies in North America to design a user-centric website. Eye tracking can help marketers:

  • Learn how users are navigating through their website
  • Understand how visitors move within a website and how long they spend on each page
  • Understand what types of website content get looked at the most (eg: particular types of images)
  • Analyze whether visitors read or scan a webpage’s content
  • Test how far users are scrolling down when they are on a particular page
  • Record the total time it takes a visitor to perform a certain task

Mediative Eye Tracking Projects

Using eye tracking, Mediative has been behind ground breaking digital marketing research that have helped many clients improve their website user experience.

Below are examples our of most popular research studies:

Display Advertising Effectiveness on a Desktop vs. Tablet Device:
Using Tobii eye tracking technology we gained insight into display ad effectiveness on a PC vs. an iPad to help marketers get the most from their digital media strategy.

Eye Tracking Google Places on the iPhone: How to Win More Mobile Clicks:
Using eye tracking technology on the Google Places iPhone app, we identify how users interact with Google Places listings and what it means for businesses and local search.

The Google Golden Triangle:
Mediative's Google Golden Triangle research uncovers the intense eye can activity that occurs on a search engine results page.

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