B2B Marketing Research: The BuyerSphere Project

[[B2B Marketing Research: The BuyerSphere Project]]

The BuyerSphere Project is a fascinating look at how businesses buy from other businesses in the digital marketplace. With the project partners Google, Business.com, Marketo, Demandbase and Covario, Gord Hotchkiss’ B2B marketing research takes a fresh look at B2B lead acquisition and management strategy.

B2B Marketing Research on Buying Behaviour

[[B2B Marketing Research on Buying Behaviour]]

Business buying decisions are notoriously complex. Knowing why people do what they do has become an area of specialty for Mediative. Multiplying the complexity of that question many times by making it an organizational buying decision including several people and corporate objectives, the entire process becomes extraordinarily convoluted and challenging.

Building on the past research presented by Mediative on B2B buying behavior, this project takes a joint qualitative/quantitative approach to studying business buying. The insights covered by author Gord Hotchkiss explore the true behaviour of the people actually involved in purchase decisions at thousands of companies. The findings point to actionable strategies and tactics as they apply to search marketing, marketing automation, online advertising, and the sales process itself.

The BuyerSphere Project was called an "epiphany smorgasbord for B2B that delves deep into the reality of what's happening on the buying side in organizations, giving marketers a new perspective of how to use their digital assets" by the VP of Marketing for Business.com.

Purchase the book or browse through a series of free webinars and whitepapers below to get a new perspective on how to more effectively market to B2B purchasers.

We would like to thank our five research partners that have made this study possible: Google, Covario, Business.com, Demandbase and Marketo.


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