Digital Market Research Lab At Mediative

[[Digital Market Research Lab At Mediative]]

Our knowledge of effective digital marketing strategies is rooted in our years of doing research and user experience testing into online behaviour.  We have conducted studies with some of the world’s best-known brands and Fortune 500 companies. Our research lab supports our approach in helping businesses truly understand their customers within a complex digital landscape.

Our Digital Research Lab Facilities

[[Our Digital Research Lab Facilities]]

Our lab is a state-of-the-art market research and user experience testing facility. Frequent studies are conducted by our digital strategists to understand:

  • New technology platforms
  • Online barriers to customer acquisition
  • Competitive landscape within specific industry verticals
  • Future trends in digital marketing

The Mediative lab can be best described as the brain’s imagination where innovation, thought leadership and trend-monitoring are the DNA components that equip our clients with results-driven and tested recommendations.

Our research is conducted using eye tracking technology, website usability testing, competitive analysis, interviews, and surveys. This helps marketers better understand what users expect online and how to create smarter marketing strategies that align more closely with customer intent.

Mobile Device Research Program

Mediative, in partnership with HEC Montreal, SAP, and Avatar EEG Solutions Inc., has launched a research program on the antecedents and consequences surrounding the use of mobile devices for companies looking to attract customers through mobile. This program will not only contribute to marketing theory but also help businesses optimize their mobile techniques, methods, and strategies.

Mediative research lab facilities are located in both our Toronto and Montreal offices.

Some examples of well-received research projects we’ve conducted include:

To see all our research studies, please browse through our whitepapers.

Interested in conducting digital marketing research specific to your business or industry?  Contact our research team for a free consultation.


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