Recipe advertising – Secret ingredient in the marketing mix

The Holidays are right around the corner, and with that comes the stress of finding the perfect gifts. But let’s not forget those who are spending time online researching the perfect Holiday recipes, making daily meal decisions and developing their grocery shopping lists. That’s an ideal environment for food manufactures and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) clients to advertise and influence the household decision maker online.

It makes sense. As customers shop for new ideas for feeding their families, providing recipes that include your product can turn an occasional buyer into a loyal customer. There are a number of different ways to include recipe advertising ideas in your next marketing campaign.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Include recipe advertising ideas in your current marketing plan by offering recipes on your own site. You can feature recipes on the front page, include a section for recipes, or even offer consumers the opportunity to submit their own recipes using your products.
  2. Recipe advertising ideas go perfectly with online advertising. You can link to recipes within your digital ads, or simply feature an ad in your online ads. You can also include a recipe within a site that offers a database of recipes.
  3. If you have created a video that tells customers about how they can use your product, you can place those as ads on network sites to draw in viewers.
  4. Advertising a downloadable recipe booklet containing brand-specific recipes has been popular for many years. The internet allows you to advertise your recipe booklet and let customers instantly download and view or print recipes from your site.
  5. Advertising a recipe app for iPhone or Android – Customers are increasingly turning to smart phones to find recipe ideas even while they are in the grocery store. If you have a recipe app that works with a smart phone, advertising it online let your potential customers know what you have to offer.
  6. Develop video recipes featuring your products- Online “cooking shows” are one of the hottest trends in digital recipe advertising. Creating a recipe that can be demonstrated in an online video is a surefire way to bring in customers. In fact, many video advertisements that feature recipe ideas are sent to friends and linked to by blog posters, creating a “viral” advertisement that can bring in even more viewers.

We have been developing customized advertising solutions for a number of large brands and the partnership with Gourmet Ads gives us more options to help clients increase sales and reach their bottom line. Be sure to get in touch with us to learn more about recipe advertising or other advertising solutions.