Recent research from Mediative provides new ways for businesses to use Google results to generate website traffic

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, September 10, 2014 – Mediative, one of Canada’s leading integrated advertising and digital marketing companies, has released a new eye-tracking study detailing the new areas that attract the most user attention on Google’s updated search engine results page (SERP). Researchers at Mediative, who originally conducted the Google Golden Triangle research in 2005, have identified how the scanning behaviour of search engine users has significantly changed in the past decade as a result of updates to Google’s search engine results page (SERP), combined with the conditioning effects of new technology.

The study, entitled The Evolution of Google’s Search Results Pages and Effects on User Behaviour, used eye-tracking technology to gain insight as to where on the SERP people look and click the most, the importance of a listing’s location on the SERP, and what businesses can do to ensure they can still be found by search engine users. Mediative’s research lab, known as the TiveTank, is one of only two locations in Canada to possess and use multiscreen eye-tracking technology.

“At some point in a consumer’s buying process, a search is done to investigate, compare or validate a purchase using Google, which is currently the predominant search engine. As a business, you have just over a second to capture a customer’s attention, so maximum visibility in search results on Google is crucial to ensure that you can reach your prospects,” said Darby Sieben, President of Mediative.

Among the key results, researchers found that users spend less time than a decade ago viewing individual search results. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, users tend to scan pages vertically rather than horizontally. The study also revealed that a user’s propensity to click the top sponsored listings and the first organic listing has changed very little over the past decade, while the coveted top organic spot still captures the most clicks on average. However, it is increasingly difficult for businesses, especially those with limited budgets or those competing with major brands, to obtain the first organic spot. Mediative’s research found that other areas of the search results page can be almost as lucrative for earning website traffic, indicating that businesses should focus their efforts on appearing in multiple areas of the SERP.

The study’s results reveal that businesses need to adapt their online marketing strategy to reflect not only the growing complexity of Google’s results page layout, but also the new scanning behaviour of searchers. In the realm of SEO, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Content strategy must be focused firmly on the user and what they hope to achieve when doing a search. Anticipating a customer’s search intent, and providing relevant content in the results, will ultimately win clicks to a website.
“Search engines are better at anticipating exactly what users are looking for,” Sieben added. “For businesses, this needs to be considered when developing any marketing strategy.”

The complete study is available for free from Mediative. To request a copy, visit

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Adriano De Luca
Marketing Coordinator – Mediative