How to rank in the search engines for highly competitive keywords in the finance/insurance industry

Businesses in the finance and/or insurance industry know that earning a spot in the search engine results for keywords related to this industry can be difficult, if not impossible without an endless budget. It’s imperative to expand your keyword list, and think more long-tail, less competitive keywords in order to earn ranking for searches more closely related to your specific industry. For example, given your industry, it’s likely that your business has multiple locations throughout the province/state or even nationwide. Optimizing specific pages on your site for locations will mean that when people search for “Insurance your town” that page is more likely to appear in the results.

Keywords can also be made long tail by considering:

  • Demographics: Does your target audience have specific needs that cause it to search for your products differently? For example “Auto insurance for seniors”.
  • Adjectives: People are often searching for products using adjectives such as “cheap”, “best”, and “affordable”. Look for these variations and try to find areas where there is less competition as it will make achieving a high rank easier.
  • Actionable: People who use keywords like “prices”, “rate”, and “buy” (e.g.: mortgage rate) have done their research and know what they want to buy. Targeting these keywords can help drive quality leads to your site that are very likely to convert.

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This cheat sheet is full of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, some of which you can implement right away to drive more people to your website for a quote or to contact you, or increase the number of visits to your location.