Prevent your Google remarketing ads from hurting your brand!

You probably already know that “Remarketing” is one of the best cost effective ways to increase conversions, by serving ads through the Display Network, to those customers who had previously visited your website. Even though you are serving ads to highly relevant potential customers; it’s very hard to control the websites those customers browse across the web, which can potentially cause your ads to appear on sites that might be inappropriate to your company and your brand.

In three easy steps, you can prevent your ads from displaying on sites you consider unsuitable for your brand:

1.     Exclude Site Categories to eliminate inappropriate traffic

Don’t be afraid to exclude some site categories that don’t fit with your brand. As a marketer, you might fear that excluding site categories could considerably reduce the traffic to your remarketing campaign and potentially decrease conversions. Take into consideration that showing your ads on sites that might be inappropriate to your brand can not only cause damage to your company’s image, but also reduce the chances of conversion.

When a user is looking for information about tragic events and your remarketing campaign is about “party or wedding services”; presenting your offer to that user on the wrong site, may be seen as in poor taste. This can create a negative association with your brand or simply annoy the user to a point that they could decide to block your ads by using the new “mute this ad” feature.

To exclude site categories, go to the Display Network Tab and then Interest & RemarketingSite Categories Display Network Tab

Then go to Exclusions (bottom left)

Site Categories Display Network Tab Exclusions

And click on Category Exclusions

Site Categories Display Network Tab Category Exclusions

In my case, I noticed that excluding the top 6 categories works for many of our clients

Campaign Level

2.     Add negative keywords to your campaign

You can also add negative keywords and leave out sites with text around subjects you’d like to exclude. For example, if you sell services, around “Weddings” you probably want to exclude sites about tragic events.

  • Go to the ad group where you want to add negative keywords.
  • Select the Display Network Tab and go to Exclusions
  • Add your keywords at the ad group or campaign level

3.     Use Site Exclusions to continue Optimizing

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 you can always continue filtering irrelevant sites by monitoring the sites that are driving traffic to your remarketing campaign. Pay special attention to those domains that are under-performing and remove any sites that you still consider irrelevant to your brand or those of poor quality.

Keep in mind that maintaining your brand and image integrity is highly important and integral to your business’ success. Take this into consideration when defining your Remarketing Strategy and don’t be afraid to limit the amount of traffic to your campaign.