Our partner Hootsuite acquires AdEspresso: What this means for brands

Social media for brands – and for everyone – is now a pay-to-play model. If you want to reach everyone who likes your page, who engages with your videos, who uses your hashtags, you will only reach a small percentage of them with just an organic campaign. Brands need to reach people on a large scale, with robust testing behind it to measure ROI. Squaring those two needs – Reach and Return – means paid social advertising.

But up until now, it hasn’t been easy. Each platform has its own properties, tools (not to mention billing!) and each can show different options, tactics and ultimately, metrics. For a marketer with a goal in mind for all channels, it can be stressful switching gears between different channels and monitoring how all these components are performing. Any marketer that wants to layer the paid performance on top of the organic has their work ahead of them.

Finally, however, we can now take a step towards coherence on our social platforms! Our partner, Hootsuite, has announced the purchase of rising tech star AdEspresso. As a growing Canadian media agency, it warms our hearts to see a private Canadian firm make an aquisition like this. As marketers, we are absolutely hooting with joy that our paid campaigns will be visible in the Hootsuite platform with the organic.

Our clients count on us to bring strong insights from their paid social, paid search, organic search and display advertising. Hootsuite’s next step in managing, optimizing and testing social campaigns is a step forward for agencies – and partners – everywhere.

Julia Vyse
When not in the Adwords UI, Julia can be found in jazz clubs and music festivals listening to music, celebrating music, writing about music and generally enjoying music. Possibly as a result, she is not a morning person.