Are online coupons right for your business?

We are all seeing the activities these days around online coupons with sites like Deal of the Day. But are businesses really able to make money using online coupons? Do they actually get more customers through the door and spending money on their product or services? Can they grow their customer database for future marketing efforts?

The answer is yes, yes and yes. View the video to hear how three businesses, by providing a Deal of the Day offer, they were able to generate results beyond their expectations. Learn how efficiently simple it was to set up a campaign with a web page and compelling message that showcased their business and offer.

Not only will your offer get exclusive placement on Canada’s largest bargain shopping community,, but you will also get unrivaled media value because your offer will be visible across the yellow pages group network consisting of over 11 million monthly unique visitors. Through Facebook, twitter and email consumers will share your offer with family, friends and colleagues. Deal of the Day reduces the risk by guaranteeing a minimal sales volume. Your offer is only activated once enough people decide to buy. The more compelling your offer, the more people you will sign up.

To learn more about this risk free marketing partnership and how to get your offer on Deal of the day visit us here online.