Case study: One-week campaign on Red Flag Deals drives 12x greater than average daily sales and 475% total ROI

The Challenge

Mediative’s client, a multinational online eCommerce corporation, engaged Mediative to facilitate a one-week birthday promotional event. The client wanted a paid premium campaign to amplify their coverage on (RFD) to increase awareness and conversions for their promotional event. RFD accepts advertisers into the affiliate program and hosts ad content. When the user clicks ad content, they are redirected off-site to the advertisers website. Affiliate conversions are tracked through unique URLs that credit RFD for any referrals resulting in sales for that affiliate.

The Solution

To maximize conversion opportunities, Mediative recommended three key solutions to reach a variety of RFD user segments. With each solution, we changed the URLs to be able to track direct revenue:

  • A Homepage Top Deals Takeover for the duration of the campaign to reach deal browsers frequenting This new placement showcases six products on the homepage above the fold, and ensured all RFD users were aware of our client’s promotion as soon as they arrived on the site. The Homepage Top Deals Takeover solution is a product focused offering rather than a basic brand play, allowing the retailer to feature specific products on sale. We monitored product inventory levels, and refreshed products mid-week to display new offerings.
  • A one-time spot in the Flyer Newsletter to reach deal hunters via email.
  • A Push Notification driving to a native editorial deal post to reach the mobile audience.

The Results

    • A total return on investment of over 475% across the campaign was achieved.
    • 42% of the total campaign revenue was generated on day one. This was the biggest promotional day, with both the Flyer Newsletter and Push Notification being sent out.
    • Affiliate sales on the first day of the campaign were 12x greater than the average daily sales in the two months leading up to this campaign.
    •  This campaign accounted for 10% of the client’s total transactions across a variety of vendor promotions for their birthday promotional event.

Why was this campaign so successful?

  • In this instance, our client was promoting popular products from the Computers & Electronics, and Home & Garden categories – both top visited categories on RFD.
  • The products were being promoted for a limited time (one week) and this sense of urgency was conveyed in the content and messaging.
  • In addition, the three product solutions recommended by Mediative reached very distinct RFD user segments, complementing each other, but also maximizing reach and conversion potential.
  • Finally, the first day of the campaign saw the biggest push with the Flyer Newsletter email blast coupled with the Push Notification, indicating that a strong hard launch can drive significant conversions at the beginning of the campaign.