Only one month to go until the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC)!

It’s only a month to go until the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) in Squamish, BC!

Mediative is going to be showcasing a mobile eye-tracker at the event and letting conference attendees try it out.


Most recently this equipment was used in our latest research paper that was released last month. We took 49 participants, and had them complete 41 search tasks on an iPhone 5 using Google. The mobile device eye tracker captured exactly where they looked on the screen. We were trying to find out:

  1. Where on the mobile SERP do searchers look and click the most? How does this differ from desktop searchers?
  2. How important is the location of a listing on the SERP to win views and clicks from searchers?
  3. Does the need for scrolling negatively or positively impact the views and clicks that listings further down the page receive?
  4. What can advertisers do to ensure their Google listings are seen and clicked on a mobile SERP?

Without giving everything away, here are some of the key findings from the paper:

  1. The #1 organic listing captures the most click activity, but it takes 87% longer for it to be first seen on a mobile compared to a desktop.
  2. Only 7.4% of clicks were below the 4th organic listing versus 16% on a desktop.
  3. Only 62.9% of tasks resulted in a scroll-down.
  4. When a Knowledge Graph was shown on the SERP on a mobile device, almost 22% less clicks went to the top #1 organic listing on a mobile compared to a desktop.
  5. The top sponsored ad is seen by 91% of searchers.
  6. 2% of page clicks on average went to the top 2 sponsored text ads, compared to 14.5% on a desktop.

For more takeaways and tips to help your business rank higher on a mobile SERP and capture more clicks, plus find out average click-through rates per SERP element, download the full study on our site!

We look forward to seeing you at #cimc2016 with our mobile device eye-tracker!

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Rebecca Maynes
Rebecca Maynes is Mediative’s Manager, Content Marketing and Research. Her expertise lies in the creation of engaging thought leadership for Mediative. From compiling eBooks and case studies, to conducting research, analyzing data and writing white papers and reports, Rebecca is an integral part of Mediative’s Marketing and Research team. Rebecca began her career with in England, and, after emigrating to Canada in 2005, she has gone full circle, joining Mediative, a Yellow Pages Group Company, in 2009. Prior positions include Marketing for a B2B Software company. Rebecca graduated from Cardiff University in Wales, UK, with a First Class Honours BSc in Business Administration.