Mediative Wins Silver at Shopper Innovation Awards!

This week it was announced that Mediative’s Outdoor Living Centre for Walmart had won Silver for Out-of-the-Box Retail. The Shopper Innovation Awards inspire innovation and collaboration across Canada’s shopper marketing industry by showcasing breakthrough achievements spanning the retail and consumer packaged goods program front.

The Outdoor Living Centre Concept

To drive sales of its outdoor living brands online and inspire visitors to embrace the outdoor living lifestyle, Walmart partnered with Mediative to generate an interactive online experience that would engage, educate and drive sales for Walmart Canada both online and in stores.

With relevant branded content becoming more and more prevalent in the digital marketing space, it made sense for a major brand like Walmart Canada—a seasoned retailer, but still fairly new to the Canadian e-commerce space—to evolve their digital presence beyond the great savings they’re known for. They wanted to engage their consumers and educate them about their products—in this case, from the Outdoor Living category—in a way that would build a meaningful and memorable brand experience. They wanted to do what many of their competitors were doing, but with a more strategic approach, from both a creative and retail marketing standpoint.

The result was Walmart’s Outdoor Living Centre – a content-rich microsite featuring everything from interactive buying tools, to tips and advice, inspirational lifestyle content and top product recommendations, all related to the outdoor lifestyle to strengthen the relationship between shoppers and Walmart’s core outdoor living brands.

The microsite positioned Walmart as a destination for trusted content specifically around the outdoor living theme, reflecting what was top of mind for consumers visiting the Outdoor Living Centre throughout the season.

Key performance highlights of the Outdoor Living Centre:

  • Consumers who viewed products after being exposed to branded content were 73% more likely to check out.
  • Content relevant to shoppers’ interests had a positive impact on their intent to purchase, providing additional cross-selling merchandising opportunities for Walmart.
  • Customer feedback indicated that the Outdoor Living Centre increased the likelihood of visiting a Walmart store location

Read the full Walmart Outdoor Living Centre case study.

The success of the Outdoor Living Centre microsite resulted in a second collaboration between Walmart and Mediative to launch the Walmart Editorial Auto Centre.

Microsites such as the Walmart Outdoor Living Centre are designed to maximize brand’s conversion potential by enhancing the consumer’s online experience through creative and dynamic web design. Ben Rodier, Mediative’s Director, Shopper Marketing, says the key to the success of performance driven microsites lie in the fact that “brands and advertisers can reach and connect with the evolving shopper and create the context needed to help influence their purchase pathway.”

The microsite approach is so successful because content is created on need and inspiration, rather than simply pushing products onto the consumer. “You’re basically giving consumers who have already entered the purchase funnel the opportunity to learn and interact with a brand while they shop for products they’re interested in.” says Mediative’s Head of Creative Services, Cate Cadbury. “Bring together context, relevance and content, and you have a recipe for success in the online retail space. And if you’re a retailer, add in sponsorship opportunities for your vendors, and everyone comes out a winner.”

“There are also a few key elements from a creative standpoint that retailers need to consider when engaging an agency such as Mediative to tackle this type of initiative.” Says Cadbury.  “It’s a sizeable investment in time and resources, so you want to make sure that the creative team you have working on it knows what they’re doing, not only creatively and technically, but also strategically. We work hand in hand with digital media strategists, retail marketing experts and search and UX specialists. We have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal, which makes a huge difference in the end result. And we’re not shy about reaching out to other experts in the industry—the way we did with Le Site, our partner in execution.”

As the future of retail and shopper marketing continues to evolve, Mediative is committed to helping brands access audiences, develop innovative content and achieve measurable ROI.