New Mediative whitepaper – A realistic view of mobile advertising in Canada

We are all aware that the mobile industry is experiencing a true expansion across the world, and from a Marketing point of view, this opens the door to a world of possibilities. With over 20 million cellphone owners in Canada, there clearly exists a large number of people ready to be reached by mobile advertising.

Or is there?

When it comes to the potential for mobile display advertising and search there are only 5.2M users in Canada who actively use their Smartphones for browsing and apps (comScore Mobilens, June 2011). This gives us some indication of why mobile advertising is not growing as fast as the mobile industry in general, despite the enormous potential of mobile marketing to connect with consumers on the go, with timely, relevant messaging when the consumer is most likely to act.

With this in mind, we set out to discover as much as possible on mobile advertising – we wanted to gather intelligence on the medium, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles, and test the mobile platform as a communication vector for advertising.

In the full whitepaper, released on December 3rd 2011, we reveal what we discovered about mobile advertising, including:

        • Which type of networks performed best;
        • Which platforms had the highest success rate;
        • Which ad formats work best on a mobile device;
        • The importance of time in mobile advertising;
        • Industry benchmarks for Click-Through-Rates.

Interested in learning more about this whitepaper? Click here to download the full study.