New Mediative study – ‘The brand lift of paid search featuring Walmart’ (part one)

More and more, companies are realizing the importance of creating a strong online presence not only in the organic search results but also in the paid advertisements that appear alongside those results.

The measurability of paid search ads enables marketers to monitor the traffic generated by the listings and the performance of their online advertising campaigns. However, paid search isn’t just about driving additional traffic to a website. It can also have a significant effect on branding metrics such as brand affinity and recall, message recall, and purchase intent.

The objective of this research study was to determine:

    • How effective paid search advertising is in driving Walmart brand recognition.
    • How effective paid search advertising is in driving in-store and online purchase intent.
    • The potential value for manufacturers of advertising with Walmart.

The key metrics measured were:

    1. Click Through Rate
    1. Brand Affinity
    1. Brand Impression
    1. Brand Attributes
    1. Aided Brand Recall
    1. Message Recall
    1. Purchase Intent

Download the full survey results for the key findings and takeaways.