Mediative gets automotive websiteOn February 18, 2011, we launched The new site is a redesign of the former, a site that has been known for its excellent automotive news and distinctly Canadian perspective. But is more than just a redesign of a previous web site; it has been purposefully designed to become the preeminent online destination for Canadian automotive information.

Now, in addition to editorials and car reviews by some of Canada’s most popular auto journalists, the new site also includes access to’s industry-leading online inventory of new and used vehicles for sale. With even more content being developed than the previous site had, including video, is designed to be a single source for new and used car reviews, tips, blogs, forums, articles, news and more, with the added value of making it easier to follow through and locate vehicles for sale. The new combination of features will close the buying decision loop, from the casually interested to the highly motivated car shopper.

According to IAB Canada, 12% of online advertising in 2009 was spent in the automotive category. In dollars, this works out to $218,400,000. Of that amount, over $62,000,000 was spent on new car display advertising. The web traffic that visits will be a very well-qualified audience for those advertisers, and the site will continue to evolve to provide value to both consumers and advertisers.

For Canadians interested in purchasing a vehicle, will be the place where they can research their options and get advice to make informed decisions, and then even locate dealers and specific vehicles. For any advertisers who want to reach Canadian car owners and enthusiasts, the new site will provide a variety of appealing options to put their message in front of people at strategic points in the purchase consideration process, from virtual tire kickers to test drivers.

“ will offer many interactive advertising options to advertisers, and the content-rich site will allow advertisers to be placed in the section most relevant to them. will also allow advertisers to target consumers interested in purchasing a car through every step of their purchasing decision, from the researching phase until the purchasing phase”, says Cole Reikin, Director, Automotive and Real Estate Marketplaces for Trader Corporation.