Using SEO and conversion optimization to find and keep love

So, you’re a successful internet marketer, you’ve helped businesses around the world attract customers, and get them to convert – but you’re single. Well gentlemen, it’s time to take your expertise and apply it to the dating world!


Stage 1: SEO

Obtaining MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Ladies)

Using SEO to increase your visibility

First of all, you’re not visible if you’re not participating in the digital mediums in which singles interact. Sorry guys, women may think you’re creepy if you approach them in the grocery store or off the street – you wouldn’t expect to drive traffic to a website by ignoring the major search engines would you?

Popular Digital Mediums

POF – Plenty of Fish

Optimize your digital profile

Just as if you’d optimize your website, you’ll need to optimize your online profile. Remember your audience, most women don’t appreciate bathroom selfies. Once you’ve done this, start interacting!

Stand out through external communication

Once you’ve started a conversation with someone, it’s critical you remove them from the dating network. Your visibility will increase 10x if you’re communicating via text versus through the online dating platform.

Set the date!

You’ll never find your true love if you never physically meet her. After some short conversation, set a date. After asking, she must accept, or give you a counter-offer, if she doesn’t she has low interest level, and SHE’S OUT!

Stage 2: Conversion optimization

Finding Your True Love!

Defining a conversion

Conversions mean different things to different people. In this example, a conversion is finding your true love.

Data points

Marketers make better decisions with data, so why don’t people measure date-data and act upon it?!? The following are data points that can be used to determine interest level and help understand her intent.

  • The Touch Test – Count the number of instances your date made physical contact with you during the date. You’ll find candidates with higher interest level will grab your arm or bump in to you on the second date.
  •  Financial Cost – Quantify how much each date is costing you, this step is critical in determining your ROI. This will also help you evaluate from a high-level the givers from the takers.
  •  No. of Dates – All of your data points should be aggregated on a per-date basis.
  •  No. of Kisses – Yes, you will count the number of kisses.

You can incorporate other KPI’s as you see fit.

Data analysis

Once you’ve collected your data, you can analyze it as you would website visitor data. Here’s an example:

As we can see, Amy has the lowest CPK (cost per kiss), while she maintained the highest number of touches during the 10 dates. Conversely, Krystina was very expensive at $247 per kiss; at rate most men would go bankrupt before getting to the altar.

I hope this information helps. Best of luck and happy Valentine’s Day!

Zak Ramdani
Zak has been helping companies gain online exposure for close to a decade. Constantly testing new tools and strategies, Zak welcomes change in this fast-paced industry. With a deep understanding of authority signals, analytics analysis, and site architecture optimization, Zak takes the success of his clients over their competitors personally. During his off-hours, Zak works at a local College and University teaching a wide variety of Business Computer Applications. Zak’s openness to change and ability to execute make him one of Mediative’s most well-rounded SEO experts.