Location based marketing – Checking up on checking in

On March 29th, 2011, we hosted our thirtieth webinar. The topic was location-based marketing, and our featured presenter was Mediative’s own Mohamed Kahlain.

The market reality

There is a revolution going on in the “4P’s”: Products, Promotion, Price and Place.

The market reality

The CMO is surrounded by a galaxy of choices: mobile devices, digital coupons, hyper-localized marketing, display ads are making a comeback, etc.. Choosing between offline vs. online marketing is no longer the question. Now it’s about getting the right mix of offline & online marketing.

The market reality CMO

Location-based Definitions

Location-based marketing: the discipline that oversees the planning and execution of mixed reality strategies, with the objective of leveraging the location strategies at a local of national level. The four pillars of a location-based marketing strategy are content, location, social interaction and platforms. Location-based media: the product or services that have a business model built on activating an interaction between users or a user vs. a product or service. These new media will need to be able to activate the interaction based on capturing three main variables, and one optional variable: Intention (the “what”), Location (the “where”), Time (the “When”), and the optional Social (the “who”).

Location-based services: machine to machine (M2M) tactics the leverage mobile geo features with the goal to enable an interaction between users.

Example of interactions:

  • Between a location and device
  • Between two devices in a specific location
  • Between a product in a location through a deviceLocation based definitions

Location-based model

Location based model

For the complete story, watch the webinar now. Another good source of information on location-based marketing is Mohamed’s blog at www.kahlain.com. If you have questions about location-based marketing, contact us at 1-800-277-9997 or info@mediative.ca.