Join Mediative at the Data and Programmatic Forum – January 27, 2016

On January 27, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Mediative will be at the Data and Programmatic Forum in Montreal, organized by Infopresse.

Event summary

The good management of data integrated with programmatic transforms the way marketing services work. This forum will be focused on concrete, actionable solutions,to retrieve, sort, analyse and use data to effectively plan media campaigns.

  • What are the steps of programmatic adoption?
  • How much room should we allow it in media planning?
  • Data management: which resources and structure to implement?
  • How does the industry transform in regards to these new practices?

What you will learn during this conference: elaborate a good media and programmatic plan, reorganize your internal resources with the use of programmatic, develop tools to optimize data management.

Multiplateform and premium: towards new possibilities

Eric Thibodeau Raymond

With an ecosystem allowing premium editors to overcome the platform barrier like never before, what are the next steps and possibilities opening to our industry?

Eric Thibodeau Raymond, Mediative’s very own digital strategist, will present different exercises and case studies to simplify the way we work with programmatic and new technologies. Real performance, multiplatform innovation and premium advertising will be on the agenda during this presentation.

To learn more about the conference (in french):

Hope to see you there!