Interactive and inspiring online retail content drives increase in traffic and sales for

Walmart partnered with Mediative to generate an interactive online experience that would engage, educate and drive sales for Walmart Canada both online and in stores.

The challenge was to use lifestyle and shopping content to strengthen the relationship between shoppers and Walmart’s core outdoor living brands, positioning Walmart as a destination for trusted content specifically around the outdoor living theme. The ultimate challenge was to inspire visitors to embrace the outdoor living lifestyle and increase their intent to buy.

Read the full case study to learn how Mediative designed and created an online environment featuring relevant editorial content that engaged consumers, facilitated their online shopping experience, and created a meaningful connection with Walmart’s core outdoor living brands.

Case Study Highlights:

Consumers who viewed products after being exposed to branded content were 73% more likely to check out.

  • Content relevant to shoppers’ interests had a positive impact on their intent to purchase, providing additional cross-selling merchandising opportunities for Walmart.
  • Customer feedback indicated that the Outdoor Living Centre increased the likelihood of visiting a Walmart store location.

Read the full case study.