Importing Google AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

A great functionality that was introduced to the Bing Ads interface is the ability to duplicate your Google AdWords campaigns through their Bing campaign import tool. The tool interfaces with the Google API directly and allows you to select your campaigns after using your Google account to log in and navigate to your account.

Once the appropriate campaigns have been selected to import, Bing does all the heavy lifting for you generating all the appropriate campaigns and copying over most of the settings.

We love this tool and use it regularly. Transferring campaigns to Bing/Yahoo is sometimes put off due to the work involved. This tool provides advertisers a way to diversify their advertising while minimizing the pain of expanding to the Bing/Yahoo network.

The next part of this document will deal with the things that are not duplicated and should be processed as part of a checklist when the campaign transfer is complete.

  • Day parting: Be very careful if you have a campaign that is set up with day parting, as none of these settings are copied over. The Bing campaign settings are more limited than what is available in the Google interface, so some manual work is involved here if you have many campaigns opted into this strategy. You will probably have to modify your selected times as there is less flexibility available in the Bing settings.
  • Account Level Negatives from you Shared Library: Now this one seems obvious because you are copying over individual campaigns and not items from the shared library. However this step is easily missed and could cost you dearly as account level negatives tend to be the things that are very inappropriate to everything in your campaigns.
  • Negative Keywords: There is no negative broad match available in Bing Ads, so if you have negative keywords set to this match type, double check those as they will be set to phrase match in the Bing Ads interface.
  • Sitelinks: Although these were copied over partially, we found that there were a few of our campaigns that were missing sitelinks after the account transfer. This might just have been a glitch, but it’s definitely something to watch out for and double check.
  • Location Option Targeting: Bing does not have the same options available as Google so be sure to check your settings after the transfer to see if the targeting is still set correctly. 

  • Tracking Code: This is something I always look at, be sure that tracking code is still correct after the transfer, if you have tracking code on both keyword and ad level, you should be careful that the correct tracking code is being used by Bing Interface.
  • Any “new” settings in Google Adwords interface: As we move over to Enhanced campaigns during the coming months, we will probably see additional items added to this list as Bing will be hard pressed to keep up with changes happening in the Google interface. From what we can see, Bing has made some strides in keeping their settings up to date, but be very watchful when duplicating an enhanced campaign as there will be some settings that will not be matched.