IAB Winter MIXX Conference

There are a host of reasons that the Internet’s direct response ad capabilities have out-evolved its branding capabilities, to date.

In its infancy, plagued by painfully slow dial-up connections, image- and ad-laden editorial pages were discouraged in order to create the best experience possible for users of the nascent medium. As a result, Online ad creative remained conservative, even as broadband penetration increased across the globe, and even as the industry adapted a new, universal set of larger Online ad units.

And while Rich Media and Video have breathed new life into the universal ad units in recent years, the true branding potential of the Internet has yet to be fully-plumbed — that is — until now…

With IAB Winter MIXX Conference, see how the “Art- And Science-ification” of Media, large format Rising Stars Ad Units, Interactive Video, Mobile Madness and Branded Content Plus Social Media Listening — are all working to drive Brand Building back into the Online spotlight where it belongs!