IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

The 2012 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting explores how digital media has reshaped the foundation of the advertising-based ecosystem from the transacting of two-dimensional physical products—time-and-space sales—to the multidimensional building of immersive, holistic experiences. That disruption has created enormous opportunities for brands and for media companies, as well as consumers—and brought with it enormous challenges, too. Brands, advertising agencies, digital native companies, and transformed traditional media companies are continuously adapting their business models and infrastructures in order to thrive in this dynamic new world and connect deeply with consumers wherever they are. Learn from those who are setting the pace for the industry as they reinvent themselves for the future.

The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, Ecosystem 2.0, celebrates its fifth year as media’s central thought leadership venue where senior voices from across the marketing and advertising ecosystem discuss, debate, and define the key issues facing the industry in the coming year. Expect nothing less in 2012.

For a look at the 2011 IAB Annual Leadership meeting that attracted more than 750 digital leaders to commit to common idea development—and fierce competition, see highlights here.