Happy Canadata Day!

There are definitely perks in working in the advertising industry, but one of the most interesting is that we can test first- hand the future.

The industry is moving so fast, there is no other way but to change fast and adapt fast. Who was talking about programmatic five years ago, or three years ago? Who heard about data in 2012? Now everybody is in frenzy of collecting and storing data from as many sources as possible.

But what is data or audience targeting, and what is the type of data we test and use in advertising?

Audience targeting is the ability to leverage user interest and intent-based data to deliver relevant display ads to particular audiences only – those with higher purchase intents.

Data can come from online, offline or location.

  • Online data is generated by cookie, small pieces of code that connect with the internet browser and capture user behavior on the web.
  • Offline data is data that any user is giving away when subscribing for a newsletter, on-boarding to a platform, signing in to a web-based community etc.
  • Location data is data transmitted by mobile phone and in general has the form of a longitude and latitude combined with a device ID, thus placing a user at a specific offline location.

Mediative started collecting data from own and operated websites in 2012, and we were probably one of the first agencies in Canada to use a data management platform (DMP). We had time to test, play and change the way we collect and manipulate the data.

Today we own one of the most powerful Canadian-only data sources – websites that we own and we represent. Having the capacity to combine intent data from yp.ca with retail data from Walmart or Best Buy puts Mediative in a unique position. And this is how ‘Mediative Audiences’  was built.

We are transparent in the way we collect and use data. Consumers today are ‘always on’, interested in relevant messages and engaged with their digital experience. They also penalize advertisers by not engaging with the advertising message if it is not tailored to them.

Mediative Audiences is 100% Canadian, real people searching for Canadian products and services, thus giving advertisers access to real Canadian shoppers who have shown interest or intent in buying a particular product or service.

The granularity of our data allows us to optimize in real-time against best performing segments.

Did you know…?

A Microsoft study (Microsoft Digital Trends 2015 – The Evolution of Digital Consumer) shows that 46% of Canadian consumers are more likely to purchase a product when the message is relevant and tailored to their needs.

What categories we target

Mediative Audiences leverages the following categories:

  1. Automotive
    • Example: auto parts and supplies, renting and leasing, repair and service, tires.
  2. Household Appliance
  3. Computers & Accessories
  4. B2B
    • Example: agencies and bureaus, professional services, environment, manufacturers.
  5. Construction & Renovations
  6. Education
  7. Electronics
    • Example: Electrical repairs, consumer electronics, cameras and camcorders, TV and Home Theatre, Vacuums and floor care etc.
  8. Family
    • Example: Childcare and day care, games and toys, family and community, car seats, strollers.
  9. Finance & Insurance
    • Example: Accounting services, tax preparation, banks, debit and credit, Insurance agents.
  10. Food & Dining
    • Example: Restaurants, bars and pubs, food services.
  11. Grocery & Convenience Stores
  12. Health & Personal Care
    • Example: Pharmacies, mental health care, cosmetics, vision care, dental care.
  13. Sports, Entertainment, Hobbies & Recreation
    • Example: Arts and entertainment, spas, health and fitness, musical instruments, bikes, games and puzzles, sporting goods.
  14. Home & Garden
    • Example: Furniture, Outdoor Living, Lawn & Garden, Home Improvement & Remodeling
  15. Legal
    • Example: Attorneys & Lawyers, Notaries
  16. Office Supplies
    • Example: Stationery & Office Supplies, Packing & Shipping, Paper
  17. Pet Services and Supplies
    • Example: Pet Foods, Pet Grooming, Veterinarians
  18. Real-Estate
    • Example: Homes for sale, moving and storage, home security
  19. Services
    • Example: Barbers, flowers, housecleaning, beauty salons.
  20. Shopping
    • Example: Clothing and Accessories, furniture, jewelry, girls’ apparel.
  21. Telcom & Mobility
    • Example: Internet providers, cell phones, tablets & accessories
  22. Travel & Hospitality
    • Example: Hotels & Lodging, taxi & limousine, gas & oil.
  23. Wedding Services
    • Example: Flowers, barbers, reception & banquet facilities, jewelry
  24. French Canadian data
  1. Others
    • Example: Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry, Inferred HHI, ROS

How we use Mediative Audiences

There are two models to access Mediative Audiences: the direct client model when an insertion order is submitted and a full service is provided, or through Agencies Trade Desk who now can access our data programmatically through INDEX.


Laura Cristescu
Laura is the Product Manager for Mobile Advertising at Mediative. With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing and advertising technology, she is focused on the capability of delivering online services with particular emphasis on mobile and local.
She started working in the media industry ten years ago for CME, a magazine and tv stations network with properties in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Ukraine. From there she moved to another media trust and in 2011 started working for Mediative as a Product Manager for location based marketing solutions.
She has Bachelor Degree and a certificate in Brand Management, and she is passionate about digital adverting and technology, getting all excited about words like SSP, DPS, DMP, DFP and mobile ad Exchanges.
She lives in Montreal with her family.