Gossip? There’s an app for that.

With the surge of mobile platforms, the news of Apple, Microsoft and now Google fighting for the tablet and smartphone market share, there’s no doubt more publishers will move towards an app platform.

While optimized websites may give publishers a quick and easy solution to the mobile content dilemma, an app provides a richer and more dynamic experience. This explains why so many publishers are investing money and resources to develop apps for various devices and operating systems. And with the ground breaking iPhone and iPad devices, most publishers it seems are focusing their energies on apps for Apple products. For now, anyway.

From finding the right content to creating a business model, publishers have many decisions to make about if and when creating an app could be a good investment — not the least of which is deciding where to develop it and choosing the right partners.

In the case of LaineyGossip, an exclusive publisher with Mediative, going the app way was a no brainer.

LaineyGossip.com is one of the top entertainment news and gossip destinations on the internet in Canada. Starting out with an email newsletter to two friends in 2003, Lainey Lui has established herself as a television personality on Canada’s number one entertainment nightly show, CTV’s etalk. The newsletter she started has evolved into a website read worldwide by over a million unique visitors in more than 130 countries.

Readers have come to expect LaineyGossip’s smart, edgy writing, strong perspectives and a keen sense of style – the standard of quality writing for which LaineyGossip has become known will only add to the level of engagement the app is already generating since its launch a little over a month ago.

What we know is that the site’s readers have been consistently asking for the app option. Statistically they have seen an increase in mobile and tablet viewing of LaineyGossip.com with each passing month. In February 2011, fewer than 6% of readers accessed the site via iPad or iPhone, whereas a year later that number has jumped to 13% and continues to grow.

The new LaineyGossip mobile app is available on the iPhone, Android, & Blackberry platforms and takes the richness of LaineyGossip.com’s web offering into the palm of a reader’s hand. The one-touch article navigation, easy scrolling, and a slideshow photo viewer make browsing articles easier than ever specifically for iPhone users. And the embedded twitter feed lets you access tweets with a quick touch on the navigation menu. And you would want to, considering Lainey’s engaged Twitter followers and spicy tweets!

With LaineyGossip on Web and Mobile, readers stay up to date on new gossip & celebrity posts, including fashion, lifestyle and fitness tips, as well as books, and most fun, Lainey’s picks for must-read stories for the week.

You’ll find more information on LaineyGossip and the new mobile app in this video.