Google customer matching is finally here!

Connect your audience on Search, Youtube and Gmail using email addresses

Google customer matching

Google is rolling out Customer Matching (US only so far) and it will look familiar if you’ve used Facebook Custom Audiences or Twitter’s Tailored Audiences. But unlike the two social networks, Google is built for search. Think of it as a next-level RLSA.

You’ll be able to target or exclude your customers based on a list of email addresses, and then send specific messages to them on Search, YouTube or Gmail Native Ads. Google claims that the tool can verify first-party relationship – in other words, it won’t allow you to buy a list and upload it – but we have confirmed the email addresses don’t need to be @gmail accounts. You can then use the list just like any other audience list, by using or excluding it. You can also create similar audiences based on your list for Gmail and YouTube.

This is huge for membership campaigns and loyalty programs, where there is value in targeting members who haven’t purchased or taken action in a while. There is also room to more accurately split your audience and ensure your acquisition dollars are spent on new customers rather than existing customers.

Another feature that some will find familiar is the option to see why the ad is showing, opt not to see these ads, and even opt out of receiving emails from the advertiser. This helps with customer experience concerns and should come as an incentive for brands to make relevant, simple and engaging messages. Now that we have a chance to continue the conversation exclusively with existing customers using Search, let’s make that conversation a good one!

Google Customer Matching announcement.

Julia Vyse
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