Get more out of your Social Media advertising!

Did you know, 1.09 billion people use Facebook every day: reaching them through advertising is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Introducing Mediative Social Advertising

Mediative can help you run successful and robust Facebook campaigns with up to 250 ad variations thanks to a unique Facebook and Instagram ad creation and optimization tool, allowing you to save time and money, and improve overall performance, using the testing and analytics features. With intuitive ad creation and analytics, this tool will not only help you situate your social media success alongside your paid search and display initiatives, but can dramatically increase return on ad spend.

With the Mediative’s Social Advertising, you can:

  • Improve ad performance with easy A/B testing. Quickly set up multiple variations of social campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. Alter the text, image, headlines etc. for each ad you run, as well as test options for demographics like age, gender, interests, location and more. Easily create hundreds of variants, saving you hours, and helping to highlight which ad variant performs the best.
  • Learn more from campaigns with advanced analytics. The extensive analytics tools make it is easy to focus on key metrics to uncover top-performing ads and to help you replicate successes.
  • Optimize performance with campaign coaching and suggestions. The tool helps make insights actionable. You avoid wasting money on clicks or social engagement that won’t convert into a sale. It takes into account leads, sales, and customer acquisitions, not just the number of people who clicked or liked a post, as well as providing suggestions based on the results of your social campaigns to help you reduce your cost per click, improve ROAS, and more.

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