Geo-targeted PPC: New AdWords Features Enhance the Location Targeting Capabilities of PPC Advertising

Most marketers are aware of the increasing demand of integrating a marketing approach at the local level; there are numerous stats released, nearly daily, about the explosion of location-specific searches. Local SEM and SEO have never been more important to garnering more traffic in-store and online. The reality is that the line between the online and offline world has become increasingly blurred.

Recent Google AdWords Updates have supported this change in user behaviour and are giving marketers more options when engaging target markets at the location level:

  • Broader Geo-targeting Options
  • Offer Extensions
  • Location Extension Targeting

Broader Geo-targeting Options

The most recent of the updates is the ability to target a broader geographic region while leveraging bid amplification or reduction tactics targeted to specific locations. The problem encountered before this update was that radial bidding can significantly reduce the volume of impressions, yet expanding the target market can lead to less qualified traffic. The enhanced online campaign bid adjustment tactics and location targeting now makes it easier for marketers to balance impressions and quality. Marketers can now target a broader target market while increasing bids to specific radiuses.

Offer Extensions

To further support the online and offline worlds merging, Google now provides Offer Extensions to help drive in-store traffic. Offer Extensions allow you to place an offer below ad text but are treated the same as a headline click with respect to CPC – no additional costs are incurred. When the user clicks on the offer, they will see your offer details, business logo and nearby stores. In-store redemption is supported with a barcode or text code. Google will remind users about their unused offer via email to improve redemption rate should the offer be saved to their Google Offers Account.

Offer Extensions

Should location extensions be enabled, advertisers can specify a radius around their business addresses so that ads appear only within that specific area. As new locations are added or removed from the Location Extensions Feed, Google will automatically update the geo-targeting settings to account for the location changes. For industries where the market is located within a smaller radius from the location, this option is an effective way to quickly target and isolate multiple business locations and the local traffic in that area.

Targeting customers at the location level is critical as local and mobile search behaviour continues to increase. Location-based marketing is forcing the removal of digital advertising silos and forcing the integration with offline marketing communications.