Facebook Marketing Talks (FMC): How businesses can improve customer connections

The question that many marketers ask is how can I maximize the use of Facebook as part of my marketing strategy? Last week Facebook Marketing gave a terrific presentation on the strategic advantages of Facebook and how businesses can expand their audience reach and ultimately grow their customer base. To reach more than 800 million users is a great opportunity. But how do you quantify and approach this platform successfully?

The power of the individual voice broadcasting to millions creates influence and identity on the Internet. Businesses have taken notice of this social behavior and are maximizing their marketing approach in two ways:

  • Broadcasting less and listening more. There is a conversation happening with their customers that creates strong connections and allows the customer be part of all they do.
  • Sharing their stories and building stronger brand connections through these stories at a much larger scale than ever before.

So how can businesses integrate this powerful Facebook strategy into their social marketing? Three new features have been released:

  1. Pages for Business. Customizable to better express brand identity and share who you are as an organization. The timeline can be used as a virtual showroom, a new story type called ‘Offers’ can be sent directly to the fan inbox, direct messages can be sent to the business.
  2. Reach Generator. The idea behind this new tool is to evolve from ads to stories. Reach Generator will allow a business to reach up to 75% more fans on a monthly basis. Fans will comment more and “like” more; talk not only to your fans, but also friends of fans. For example, Ben and Jerry’s reached 98% of their fans, doubled engagement, and increased ROI 3:1.
  3. Premium on Facebook. Start with a page post. Facebook does the rest, posting on the right hand side of the Facebook feed as well as the news feed on both desktop and mobile devices. The news feed is where marketing will appear like the rest of Facebook, and less like an ad. Premium on Facebook means more stories in front of more people in more places.

Tip: What you should be measuring to determine the value of your Facebook strategy: ‘The Number of People Talking About This’. Get your fan base to spread the word. As your fan base increases so can revenues. Connecting with more fans and building a stronger community will result in more customers.

The message we took from this event is that a Facebook strategy is only strong when leveraging all key features that build the brand story and celebrates individual fans and users on a daily basis. Just using the Ads feature, or having a Facebook fan page is not enough. All the levers need to be active and maintained to keep the conversation alive with your customers and build those connections with authentic, relevant content.