Facebook Graph Search: Facebook likes just became more important

Facebook has released today is Graph Search product, the third pillar of Facebook, News Feed and Timeline being the first two. Facebook Graph Search uses Open Graph, Facebook’s database on all basically anything you can “like.”

Facebook Graph SearchEssentially, Facebook Graph Search will allow a user to search for specific queries and return results based on data driven by the user’s friends’ likes and interests. Search results are driven by results that are sorted by social signals. Graph Search will allow a user to launch a query returning results based on social recommendations from their own friends.

Facebook Graph Search can essentially search across four main aspects: people, places, photos and interests.

For businesses, “likes” just became a lot more important with the introduction of Facebook Graph Search.  Likes are important to demonstrating a social vote for that particular company’s brand appearing in a persons’ News Feed altering their friends to the social nomination of the business, which could be amplified through paid advertising. Now “likes” will form the basis for appearing in search results on Facebook. For example, when searching on Facebook Graph Search for a restaurant, you can now search for a restaurant based on your friends’ who share similar interests and based on their recommendation (likes).

Although it is still early, only have been released hours prior to writing this article, the business implications of Facebook’s new search feature certainly place a new emphasis on building Facebook profiles for all of your business’ brands and locations; adding to that the importance of enticing your customer base to ‘like’ you on Facebook. Building Facebook profiles that add value to your customers and build relationships with new and existing customers will reach new levels of importance as Facebook’s Graph Search gains a foothold in the search market.

Graph Search has only been released to a user base with “hundreds of thousands” immediately getting access; a small percentage compared to Facebook’s over 1 billion users. The product is still in beta, in English only and only for Desktop at this time.

A word of warning: Graph Search can pull up photos hidden from timelines. You should review your photos and ensure that those “unflattering” photos have been untagged. If you would like to try out the beta, head on over to Facebook’s Graph Search page and the sign up link should be at the bottom of the page.