Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising

[[Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising]]

Reach customers on mobile devices like never before! Hyperlocal display advertising gives you the ability to target qualified mobile users, connecting them with your product or service when and where they need it.

Be Present Where and When Your Customers are Searching

Did you know that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online? (source: Ipsos Media)

Create and deliver ads that are relevant to mobile users, offering a product or service that meets their immediate needs, increasing the chance of a click through.

The Power of Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising

Consumer needs are dynamic, changing hourly. Our hyperlocal display advertising solutions give you the power to target customers based on:

Location: Intent varies depending on where your consumer is. Deliver ads to users within a specific area. Can be as narrow as 100 meters.

Time: What a consumer needs at 9:00 am may be completely different from what they need at 5:00 pm. Use different messages to target shoppers based on their intent at different times in the day.

Environment: External factors impact how consumers feel and what they need. Advertise products/services that consumers are most likely to purchase depending on the environmental conditions.

Our Hyperlocal Mobile Solutions 

Real-Time Geo-Targeting

  • Reach consumers based on real-time proximity to your locations, your competitors or relevant points of interest.
  • Target consumers according to their demographic traits (age, ethnicity, life stage, etc.).
  • Target specific lifestyle zones.
  • Target customers as close as 100m around a specific location.
  • Deliver unique, relevant messaging based on where customers are, what they are doing and what's happening around them.


Behavioural Geo-Targeting

  • Target customers based on their past behaviour, such as locations they have visited.
  • You can also retarget specific brands or segments.
Lifestyle Zones 

Reach your target consumers where they are, in one or several of the following lifestyle zones:

More lifestyle zones are also available. Contact an expert to find out more.

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