Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising

[[Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising]]

Reach consumers on mobile devices like never before. Using distinctive targeting metrics exclusive to mobile advertising, hyperlocal display advertising gives marketers the ability to target mobile users depending on location, time of day, weather and other environmental factors.

Hyperlocal Display for Mobile Marketing

With a rising smartphone adoption rate and significant click through rate engagement from mobile users, there has never been a better time for marketers to think mobile. Part of Mediative Places, hyperlocal display advertising takes mobile marketing one step further, allowing businesses to target consumers as they move to different locations, different environments and at different times of the day.

FACT: 60% of Canadian smartphone users access a webpage everyday (source: Forrester Research)

Consumer needs are dynamic, changing hourly. Our hyperlocal display advertising gives marketers the power to target consumers based on:

  • Location: Select specific areas within a city and deliver ads to users within a minimum of 100-meter radius of physical locations.


  • Time of the day: Use different kinds of advertising messages to target consumers based on their intent at various points throughout the day.


  • Weather:Advertise products/services that consumers are most likely to purchase depending on the weather conditions expected or experiencing.


Lifestyle zones
Across Canada’s urban markets, Mediative’s hyperlocal display advertising allows marketers to reach their target on-the-go consumer in highly focused geographical locations called geo-zones:



Be present wherever and whenever your customers are searching.

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