Display Advertising Solutions Simplified

[[Display Advertising Solutions Simplified]]

Our portfolio of display ad options ensures marketers will get in front of the right audience at the right time: a one-stop digital media shop for advertisers and agencies.

Our Extensive Display Advertising Solutions

Mediative helps marketers strategize and execute an integrated digital media approach for effective display advertising on the web, mobile devices, or video. Our ad campaign solutions provide easy access to real-time bidding from top-tier websites or exclusive Yellow Pages intent to buy data:

  1. Display for Performance
  2. Programmatic Display Advertising
  3. Display for Branding
  4. Hyperlocal Mobile Display Advertising
  5. Shopper Marketing
  6. Digital Video Advertising
  7. Digital Out of Home Advertising


Take advantage of Mediative's display ad network, spanning across twelve different ad channels that target millions of Canadians every month. Our unique platform offers audience targeting using intent-to-buy data, premium display, performance display (Cost Per Click), and mobile network integration. 

Extend brand visibility, generate more traffic, and deliver targeted display ads to real people who are actively shopping for products or services.  

Your customers interact with different media forms every day. Your message should reach them at every touch point possible.


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