Programmatic Display Advertising

[[Programmatic Display Advertising]]

Stop targeting on demographic information alone and reach particular audience groups based on their purchase intents. Mediative’s data advertising solution comprises pools of digital audiences whose consumer profiles meet different stages of the buying cycle by industry. Attract the ideal target market and capture the most qualified leads while raising brand awareness.

Integrating Audience Targeting Into Display Campaign Strategy

Many marketers focus on the effectiveness of an ad without taking the audience into consideration. While delivering an eye-catching ad campaign will help increase click-through rates, delivering the campaign to the right audience will improve qualified traffic.

How is audience targeting better than traditional display campaigns?

As a result of its ability to profile consumers, audience targeting is much more effective than traditional advertising at driving performance:

  • Target highly qualified individuals based on their lifestyle, interest, behaviour, and their likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Deliver banner ads only to qualified shoppers who have shown interest in similar products.
  • Spend advertising budgets efficiently while delivering a positive return on investment

Audience Profiling

Mediative's solution goes past behavioural targeting, focusing on consumers who we have tagged as having a high intent-to-buy based on recent searches they may have performed for products or services.

Based on your target market's aggregate consumer profile, we are able to find and reach the most qualified audience of consumers that are aligned to your business objectives.

You just need to define what you would like to promote and to who. Mediative will manage the where and how.

Mediative Audience Targeting Tribes

After examining the lifestyles, interests, and behaviours of various audiences, Mediative has developed a list of 26 affluent groups (or tribes) that advertisers can choose to target. Explore the tribes below or get in touch with a Digital Media Expert to discover which tribes may best reflect your target audience.

Ask An Expert

If you are not sure what solution fits your business needs, send your questions to one of our digital marketing experts.

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