Programmatic Display Advertising

[[Programmatic Display Advertising]]

Stop targeting on demographic information alone and reach particular audience groups based on their purchase intents. 

Integrating Programmatic Data Into Display Campaigns to Target Qualified Users

We know how shoppers behave. How? By compiling intelligent data from complex algorithms.

Leverage user interest and intent data to deliver relevant display ads to the sites your potential consumers visit. Delivering your message to the right audience will improve qualified traffic and conversions.


The Power of Programmatic Display Advertising 

Programmatic display is much more effective than traditional advertising at driving performance because of the ability to profile consumers. We use data to profile consumers based on characteristics such as lifestyle, interest, behaviour and demographics, placing them into Tribes. Programmatic display enables you to:

  • Target highly qualified individuals based on their lifestyle, interest, behaviour, and their likelihood of making a purchase. (Audience targeting).
  • Access our premium inventory and first party data to bid on, and purchase specific impressions in real-time.
  • Deliver display or video ads, only to qualified shoppers who have shown interest in similar products.
  • Spend advertising budgets efficiently while delivering a positive return on investment.

How does Audience Targeting Work?

Based on recent searches, consumers who have a high intent to buy are tagged. We are then able to reach the most qualified audience of consumers that are aligned to your business objectives.You just need to define what you would like to promote and to who. Mediative will manage the where and how.

Explore Mediative's Audience Tribes Below.


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